Saturday, August 6, 2022

Love Island’ USA Season 4 on Peacock: Who is Isaiah Campbell? Florida waiter wants an ‘alpha woman’ like Kylie Jenner

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After admitting he’s never been in love, Isaiah has revealed that he wants a “power couple” relationship like Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott’s

After the runaway success of the previous three seasons, Love Island returns for Season 4, this time on Peacock instead of CBS. Touted as the hottest season ever, the upcoming season will see ten sexy islanders spending their summers together in a villa, competing in naughtier games and hotter challenges for their “true love” and a potential 100,000 cash prize find dollars.

With Sarah Hyland as the new host of the dating show and Iain Stirling as the witty narrator, get ready to watch these gorgeous singles fall in love. One of those hot singles is none other than 21-year-old Isaiah Campbell. Isaiah may be the youngest islander on Season 4 of “Love Island,” but that doesn’t stop this young Florida resident from looking for his “alpha wife” like Kylie Jenner. If you are curious to learn more about Isaiah, then read on.


Who is Isaiah Campbell in Love Island?

Isaiah Campbell is a 21-year-old waiter from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He currently resides in Delray, Florida. Aside from regularly posting thirst traps to his thousands of followers on his Instagram and TikTok, this handsome boy also loves to cook. In his introductory pack, Isaiah revealed he loves to cook, while describing cleaning as his “secret passion”.

Isaiah is well aware that people think of him as a “douchebag” because of his good looks, but he claims he’s anything but a dork. He explained: “The first impression would be, you know, I’m good looking, so straight away they’re like you’re an idiot. But you know, my heart is sweet, so they definitely call me honey. “Well, we need to see Isaiah in action to confirm if he really is the sweetheart he says he is.


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After admitting he’s never been in love, Isaiah explained that he wants a relationship like Kylie Jenner-Travis Scott. Florida waiter is looking for a family oriented girl, alpha female like Kylie. “Both alphas with their own shit,” he explained. When asked how important sex is to him, he explained, “I’m not desperate for a vagina.” We can’t wait to see Isaiah perform on Love Island.

Season 4 of “Love Island” premieres on Peacock on July 19, 2022 at 9:8c. All episodes are available exclusively for streaming on Peacock, with new episodes airing Tuesday through Sunday and re-runs of unaired footage on Saturdays.

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