Wednesday, August 10, 2022

‘Love Island’ USA Season 4: Fans criticize Jesse Bray’s devious motives after he dumped Deb to date new girl

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“Jesse said he loves him some Deb and is already folding to the two new basic bitties? LMAOOO #LoveIslandUSA,” one fan wrote

One might think that given the $100,000 grand prize, the singles on “Love Island” might be more strategic when it comes to connecting and disconnecting on the show. But it looks like the islanders are more about having a great time and making some connections in the new season 4. One of those islanders is Jesse Bray, who immediately volunteered to go on a date with one of the new girls after dating someone else.

Just before he volunteered to go on a date with the stranger, Jesse was busy chatting up his new ‘Love Island’ partner Deborah Chubb. From claiming she’s his type to gushing about her beauty. In his introductory pack, Jesse claimed that he respects women and knows how to treat them properly. He also stated that he is the most caring person in the world. When the ‘Love Island’ boys received a text message saying two men with two new bombshells could go on a date, fans were shocked to see Jesse jump in.


In his confessional, Jesse explained that he is still getting to know Deb and is not committed to her. He also expressed an interest in meeting as many people as possible and exploring different connections rather than being attached to one person. After hearing Jesse’s explanation, fans began to question his motives. One fan tweeted: “Jesse: You won’t find anyone who treats women better. Also, Jesse: *instantly dumps Deb and volunteers for a date when the new girls show up* #LoveIslandUSA.” “Jesse said he loves him a little Deb and is already folding for the two new basic bitties? LMAOOO #LoveIslandUSA,” one fan wrote. “I WAS FOR JESSE WHAT JUST HAPPENED. #LoveIslandUSA #LoveIsland,” commented one confused fan.

Another fan shared: “#LoveIslandUSA Miss Ariel and the old narrator are a TON but hey LET’S GO! Team Jesse…although little sketched as he runs off after the big convo.” “I’m really surprised Jesse snuck out on the date but Felipe gave me gamer vibes when I saw him. #LoveIslandUSA,” one fan pointed out. “S8E1 ok my initial top 3 girls: Courtney, Zeta, Deb Boys: Timmy, Jesse, Felipe Honestly I’m glad they brought 2 new girls straight away, it puts them off getting too comfortable too quick…Jesse was way too eager to go on that date lol #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUSA,” one fan remarked.

Season 4 of Love Island is available to stream exclusively on Peacock, with new episodes airing Tuesday through Sunday and episode recaps of unaired footage on Saturdays.

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