Saturday, June 25, 2022

Love Island reunion leaves two girls alone as Gemma’s ex arrives

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There’s a moment of real sweetness in between all the mundane in the latest installment of island of love. Andrew and Tasha, who were set up by the public at the show’s launch on Monday, both feel hurt after flirting with fellow contestants during a game. Tasha admits she’s afraid of appearing too available to Andrew as it has always made her vulnerable to injury in the past. Andrew hugs her and tells her “Communication is key”. Granted, it’s simple stuff. But it’s a reminder of how the show can demonstrate real growth between people.

There’s not much sweetness to be found elsewhere. Luca is determined to get together with Gemma on whether or not Davide “looks like a Greek god”. In the last episode he had “taken Gemma for a chat” but now Davide is mad at Luca for not warning him that he would do this first. It’s a conversation we’ve seen many times before island of love Before. It’s not interesting.

“I don’t want to be a love triangle,” Luca moans later in the Beach Hut. “I want a line with me on one end and Gemma on the other, it’s as simple as that.” That clarity does little to create tension for the reunion later, when Luca has to choose between Gemma and Paige.

Halfway through the episode, Liam, who has been conspicuously absent so far, gathers everyone around the fire pit. He tells them he didn’t give Liam “100 percent.” “I thought about it long and hard, so yes, I made the decision to leave the villa,” he says. There are tears and short goodbyes. Gemma talks to him as she feels bad that her decision to break up with him and couple with Davide may have influenced his decision. you hate it

Liam’s departure means that at the end of the relink, two girls will remain single. So all the islanders start angrily “attracting” each other in order not to lose face (yeah, yeah, alright, and to find love I guess).

Ekin-Su’s method of attack is to ask Davide if he would like to train his leg muscles with her (she believes this particular training increases testosterone levels in men). She might be right because in the end Davide drops the weights and instead puts them on his shoulders, crouching and grunting as he does so.

When it comes time to pair up again, it’s up to the guys to decide which girl they want to be with. It’s no surprise that Dami chose Amber, Andrew chose Tasha, and Ikenna chose Indiyah (although Afia had shown interest in him). Luca gets to choose before Davide, which means he has a chance to choose Gemma. This leaves Davide to choose Ekin-Su, leaving Paige and Afia single.

In the final moments, we catch a glimpse of the new bomb. It’s Gemma’s ex-boyfriend. Uh oh Luca, it looks like your straight line is getting a few dents.

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