Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Love Island: Is Jesse Only Interested In Deb Because Of Tyler? Fans refer to him as a “F**kboy”

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After realizing Jesse’s motivations for pursuing Deb, ‘Love Island’ fans began lobbying her and Tyler for a couple

The arrival of new islander Tyler at the mansion had all the OG “Love Island” boys trembling in their boots, especially Jesse Bray. The Courier from Houston had the time of his life juggling between his first partner Deb Chubb and his new partner Valerie Bragg. While walking around the mansion telling everyone that he was attracted to both Deb and Val, however, he told Val that he was only interested in her.

Although Jesse claimed to be interested in Deb, he made no effort to show her. On the other hand, he continued to lead Val by assuring her that he only fancies her. Jesse’s gaming days came to an abrupt end when Tyler revealed he was interested in both Val and Deb, despite citing Deb as his number one. Upon hearing this, Jesse announced that he would put more “pressure” on Deb to keep Deb to himself. After Jesse suddenly showed total interest in Deb, fans came to the conclusion that he was only interested in Deb because of Tyler.


One fan tweeted, “Of course Jesse suddenly wants to claim Deb if Tyler shows interest in her #LoveIslandUSA.” “Jesse you didn’t want to give Deb any attention before Tyler #LoveIslandUSA,” one fan wrote. “Not Jesse just wants Deb because Tyler might be interested that he’s such an asshole #LoveIslandUSA,” one fan pointed out. “So now Jesse wants Deb to ‘push down’ when Tyler approaches her, but he wanted Valerie #LoveIslandUSA,” repeated one fan.

After fans realized Jesse’s motives for pursuing Deb, she and Tyler began dating. One fan shared, “Now Deb has to go for Tarzan…I mean Tyler #LoveIslandUSA.” “I think Deb will move on with Tyler and I hope she doesn’t look back #LoveIslandUSA,” added one fan. “Deb feels hot…Tyler take Deb…#loveislandusa,” urged one fan.

Season 4 of Love Island is available to stream exclusively on Peacock, with new episodes airing Tuesday through Sunday and episode recaps of unaired footage on Saturdays.

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