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‘Love Is Blind’: Zanab Responds to Cole’s ‘Lily’ Comment ‘I’m Proud Not To Be Lily’

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love is blind showed couples having heated arguments. There’s one between Zanab Jaffrey and Cole Barnett that caught the fans’ eye. Zanab addressed Cole’s Lily comment.

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Cole made it very clear that Zanab wasn’t his usual type on their honeymoon. He claimed Colleen Reed was more his type, and in the “real world” he would have approached her. Cole also rated Colleen’s looks higher than Zanab’s in a conversation with Zanab, which made her insecure in their relationship.

This happened again in the episode Impress the Parents. The cast met at a bar and Zanab revealed to Cole that she knew about his conversation with Colleen.

“Like I proposed to you without seeing you and then I saw you and oh my god there was another girl of five that I was like, ‘Wow. That’s more my type. That’s about what I expected to get married,’” he said to Zanab.

“But I proposed to a girl named Zanab,” he continued. “Do you think I thought Zanab would look like the girls I’ve dated in the past named like Lily? No!”

Cole went on to say he thinks they’re past those issues. He is more attracted to Zanab for their connections outside of the physical. “Yeah, I love…I love this whole show,” she replied.

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That moment got a lot of fans talking. Zanab appeared on the Out of joint with Amrit Podcast and discussed about it. The presenter said the scene was inciting, and the comment could be read as part of Western supremacy’s push for white beauty standards.

“I was pretty fired up at that moment, wasn’t I?” Zanab said. “But probably the amount of tequila I’ve had, I didn’t actually hear it until Twitter came up this week and said, ‘Oh no girl. That’s what he’s saying when he says that.’”

“And I was like, ‘Whoa! That super didn’t fire up in me until I watched it again,'” she continued. “And yes, I am a Zanab. I can’t possibly be a lily. I will never be a lily. I’m proud not to be a lily. I am very proud of my half Pakistani and Indian side. And I’m very proud of my half-white British side. I can’t look like those girls anymore.”

She went on to say that she hadn’t heard at the moment, which was probably a good thing since she was already angry with him. Zanab and Cole got back together at the reunion and were able to clarify more about their issues. Since then she has moved on as a single woman.
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