Monday, October 25, 2021

"Looks like Daisy Duck" Victoria Beckham causes ridicule with a sudden pout

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There has been speculation about possible cosmetic surgery at the designer for years. But when Victoria Beckham appeared on US television, many viewers could not believe their eyes. The reason: the extremely full lips of the British woman.

Just a few weeks ago, Victoria Beckham shared snapshots of herself from the past on Instagram. She can be seen on it as a 13-year-old teenager and grins at the camera up over both ears. An unusual sight, because the wife of soccer star David Beckham is known for her almost no expression in public.

Hardly any photographer has been able to coax a warm smile from the former Spice Girls member in recent years. This narrow lipped even became Victoria’s trademark. Now, however, it is causing a stir with exactly the opposite. In the TV show “Good Morning America”, the 47-year-old suddenly showed extremely voluminous lips.

In the social networks, the viewers were amazed at the transformation. “She can’t even close her mouth – looks like Daisy Duck,” scoffs a user. “Now she’s really overdone it with the fillers. I love Victoria, but that looks terrible,” says another. “What happened to their lips is a real shame. Why do women do this to themselves?” Was another comment.

Some users even suspect that the 47-year-old didn’t just help with her pout. “Victoria Beckham at GMA scares me! She only moves her eyelids and lips when she speaks. That is unnatural and disturbing,” writes a viewer of the show. “This botox filler thing might look good in pictures, but wow, it doesn’t work in real life,” adds another.

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