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Liv Tyler found out at a concert at the age of 8 that Steven Tyler was her father

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Actress Liv Tyler had one of the most unique upbringings, and it goes beyond anything most people could have ever imagined. In the early years of her life, née Liv Rundgren, thought she was the biological daughter of Bebe Buell and Todd Rundgren. But as it turned out, she was only half right. Buell is her mother and she was with Rundgren when their daughter was born. However, her biological father is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler — which she found out in an unusual way.

Liv Tyler was born in 1977 to Buell and Rundgren, and TheThings reports that she had a great childhood. She was Buell’s only child and has maintained good relationships with both Buell and Rundgren over the years.

Tyler was born Liv Rundgren. In a 2011 interview with Wonderland Magazine, she revealed that “Todd basically decided when I was born that I needed a father, so he signed my birth certificate.”

This is how she identified her father. Loud Hello! magazine, when Tyler first saw her half-sister Mia at the same concert where she met her father, she said it was like looking at her “twin.” She looked at her mother, who had tears in her eyes, and everything started to make sense.

After years of thinking Rundgren was her biological father, Tyler was quite surprised when she attended the Aerosmith concert. So how did everything go? She went to the concert with her mother, who took her to the musician’s and said, “Come on, I want to introduce you to someone.” She admits feeling a strong connection despite not knowing who Tyler was, even remarking a physical resemblance.

Younger Tyler confronted her mother about her suspicions and the long-kept secret was finally revealed. reports that the actor says she “held some grudges against Bebe at first for hiding the truth,” but she no longer harbors ill will. Actually the Lord of the rings The actor says, “My mother was very young when she had me and there was a bit of confusion as to where I was from, but I was very loved and very well cared for by my whole family.”

Of course, Tyler has an excellent relationship with her rock star dad, although it’s taken her some time to get to know him. He’s close to all of their children, although the pretty brunette says he’s not a “typical grandfather”.

According to whores star: “He’s very playful and funny and lovable, he’s like a magical wizard, he has things in his hair and all kinds of jewelry and he’s just really funny.” They have developed a strong bond since they first met all those years ago, with the rock star cutting the umbilical cord giving birth to his grandson and the former model even appearing in the music video for Aerosmith’s Crazy.

Round sizes? Tyler says, “I’m so grateful to him, I have so much love for him. You know when he holds me it feels like daddy. And he’s very protective and strong.” She adds that Rundgren “fully supported me and put me through amazing private schools and I visited him three times a year, he lived in Woodstock.”

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