Monday, January 23, 2023

‘Little People, Big World’ fans are unimpressed by the Roloff Farms lease plan after seeing photos

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TLC’s Small people, big world In season 24, the Roloff family focused heavily on the future of Roloff Farms. Zach Roloff didn’t buy Roloff Farms from Matt Roloff. Instead, Matt made the farm available for short-term rental. Now, after seeing where renters would stay, fans are unimpressed.

Matt Roloff’s plan to rent Roloff Farms wasn’t his ideal situation, as seen in Small people, big world Season 24. Matt hoped to sell Zach Roloff several acres of Roloff Farms. But father and son couldn’t agree on a price. When that didn’t work, Matt put the farm up for sale — but no one bought the property after seeing the $4 million asking price. Eventually, Matt settled on the short-term rental idea, which made Amy Roloff and Zach balk.

Now the rental planning is in full swing. A fan posted a photo on Reddit showing exactly where the renters would be staying. Rent includes Amy Roloff’s large farmhouse and additional land. But the rental space isn’t as big as some fans first thought.

“I don’t know why he’s doing this,” one fan wrote. Also, I never thought that so many other houses are so close.”

“Let’s hope there’s a fence or something that can be marked where travelers are advised not to set foot… outside of that random, arbitrary boundary line,” wrote another fan.

“I didn’t realize they had neighbors near their property,” explained another fan.

Renting from Roloff Farms may not be in a reasonable price range for many Small people, big world fans. According to iTrip Vacations, it costs between $562.86 and $3,198 per night, and guests must agree to stay at least three nights.

That being said, it looks like Matt Roloff has put significant work into the property. The website states that Roloff Farms “has recently been updated with new decor and furniture to create the perfect blend of comfort and style.” Amenities include an in ground hot tub and pool, covered patio with fire table, garage converted into game room with ping pong and other games, two business offices and a billiards room.

The website also notes that the farm is “active,” meaning “there are people and machines working and tending to Roloff Farms during the rental period.”

Small people, big world Fans on Reddit claimed availability to rent the farm is wide open as of January 2023. However, Matt Roloff indicated that the farm quickly filled up with tenants.

“A big, heartfelt thank you to everyone for the amazing support I’ve received over the past year,” he posted via Instagram on Dec. 31, 2022. “I don’t always make the best decisions BUT I’m constantly learning and plowing forward. … The opportunity to share the farm is going well in the short term and I am also grateful that SO many people are booking in advance to stay at Roloff Farms!”

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