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Little House on the Prairie: Inside Alison Arngrim and co-star Steve Tracy’s sweet relationship

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Little house on the prairie Star Alison Arngrim developed a close relationship with members of the cast. one Little house on the prairie Cast member who became a big part of her life was the late Steve Tracy, known for playing Percival Dalton, Nelly Oleson’s husband. Here’s a look into their relationship.

In her book Bright lights, prairie dustKaren Grassle talks about the close friendships she made on the Little house on the prairie set to. She was good friends with Katherine MacGregor, who played Harriet Oleson, Nellie Oleson’s mother. She also struck up a friendship with Charlotte Stewart, who played the school teacher, Mrs. Beadle.

Arngrim became best friends with co-star Melissa Gilbert. In her book Confessions of a Prairie B**** She says she knew they would be friends for life when Gilbert became concerned after she passed out Small house discontinued from heat exhaustion. Arngrim says Gilbert stayed outside of her dressing room until she felt better. She compared Gilbert to a father waiting outside the delivery room, pacing anxiously.

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Another good friend of Arngrim’s was Steve Tracy. She says they were so close that some people thought they were romantically involved in real life. They didn’t mind because Dalton was hiding a secret about his personal life. He was gay and didn’t want this revealed to the public.

Arngrim says she and Tracy had great chemistry on and off the set. During one scene, they had so much fun that they couldn’t stop laughing. Arngrim says they broke into fits of giggles and couldn’t stop. She noticed that the crew gave her and Dalton looks that seemed to ask if they were an item. Arngrim says they all thought she and Dalton were sleeping together.

Arngrim says during the time Little house on the prairie aired, many gay actors tried to hide their true identities. According to her, they had “covering relationships” so no one would suspect they were gay. However, Dalton didn’t need a cover because everyone thought they were romantically linked. She says she even lied National Investigator and said they were “deeply in love”.

Arngrim and Dalton spent a lot of time together. She says they’ve attended charity events, red carpet events and more as a “couple.” Arngrim says she and Dalton probably had more in common than real Hollywood couples.

Arngrim says she was so close to Tracy after that Little house on the prairie ended up jokingly referring to him as her “other husband.” She says they were constantly joking and could even finish each other’s sentences. “It was like we never stopped being Nellie and Percival,” says Arngrim.

Arngrim described Tracy as a close friend, teacher, and confidant. She says he was much more than her boyfriend. She also considered him her “mentor and protector”.

Unfortunately, Arngrim has lost her mentor and protector. Dalton died of AIDS-related complications on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1986. He was 34 years old.

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