Thursday, January 19, 2023

Lisa Rinna gives an update on where she is now with Kathy Hilton

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Lisa Rinna gave an update on her relationship with Kathy Hilton, heavily implying that someone close to the star was trying to silence her after an explosive cast trip to Aspen.

Days after announcing her departure from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Rinna spoke to Interview magazine in a report published on Jan. 13, 2023, revealing that it was her husband Harry Hamlin who suggested she move after months of the Nothing to contact Hilton to speak with her.

“We saw Kathy at the People’s Choice Awards,” Rinna said. “Harry said to me, ‘You really should just say hello to her and just try to get on with it because it’s not going to do either of you any good.’ So I saw her at the People’s Choice Awards. We’ve had moments together where we didn’t speak to each other and didn’t even acknowledge each other. And I said, ‘Hi Kathy, how are you? You look great.’ And it broke the ice.”

Rinna added, “I might not chat with Kathy Hilton, but then I was at the People’s Choice Awards. It evolves and changes.”

In December 2022, Rinna told Entertainment Tonight that she had “a nice chat” with Hilton at the People’s Choice Awards. “All good,” she said of the situation, before adding, “I think at the end of the day we’re going to do a TV show. …We are grown women and at the end of the day we can get through just about anything.”

Rinna’s controversial final season of RHOBH involved a showdown with Hilton following drama that took place at an Aspen club and in a Sprinter van when the two women were alone. While Bravo’s cameras didn’t record the incident, in Season 12’s We Need to Talk About Kathy, Rinna accused Hilton of tirading and threatening to “ruin” her own sister, Kyle Richards. In a confessional, Rinna described Hilton as “the devil.”

While speaking to Interview, Rinna Hilton gave credit for “showing up” at the Season 12 RHOBH reunion instead of going into hiding, despite Hilton calling her “the biggest bully in Hollywood” during filming for the update show called.

“She has balls and I respect that she stood up for what I want people to believe and what you believe in,” Rinna said of Hilton.

However, the RHOBH veteran also noted that the situation was “more complicated” than viewers thought, with others “interfering.”

“I’m going to be very careful,” said the Rinna Beauty founder. “But I think certain people got involved that could maybe calm the story down and make certain things go away. A whole different level of things shut down to make sure that person was protected. I think it’s pretty obvious. There is a smear campaign against me online. It was all very calculated. And there was one person on the payroll who did that.”

While noting that she “survived” the drama with Hilton, Rinna added, “But here’s the thing. You must see the monster’s tail. She just showed her tail.”

On the RHOBH episode entitled “Silence is Golden,” Hilton apologized to Rinna for her behavior in Aspen, but she later took it back.

“I should never have ever apologized,” she told Access in October 2022, adding that Rinna actually agreed with her as she ranted on camera. “I said some things that I shouldn’t have shared, but I certainly didn’t say what she said, what I said,” Hilton added.

“She’s a bully, she bullied everyone,” Hilton added of Rinna.

That same month, Hilton told TMZ that Rinna was desperate for a RHOBH storyline and would throw anyone under the bus to stay relevant. She also said she would not be returning to the Bravo reality show if Rinna was still part of the cast.

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