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Link: Eat Love Kill Ending Explained: Is Da-hyun Alive? Is Gye-hoon still connected to Da-hyun?

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The tvN show Link: Eat Love Kill ended its 16th episode after Gye-young’s killer was finally arrested

The 2022 tvN K-drama Link: Eat Love Kill (aka Link: Eat Love Die) has finally come to a close at 16 episodes. From the very first episode, the show took over social media platforms due to the romantic chemistry between the two leads – Yeo Jin-goo as Eun Gye-hoon and Noh Da-hyun as Moon Ga-young/Ka-young. The show is based on the premise that as Gye-hoon and Da-hyun grew up together, they began to experience a connection between their feelings.

This connection was formed since Gye-hoon’s fraternal twin sisters, Eun Gye-young and Da-hyun, were kidnapped by the same person. When Da-hyun was found, Gye-young was left behind and Gye-hoon spent his life feeling guilty, blaming himself for kidnapping his sister. As the tvN broadcast progresses, the main couple and their friends and family discover that the kidnapper still lives nearby. Aiming to regain her memories of the incident, Da-hyun sets out to find the man while Gye-hoon tries to end the incident that destroyed his family.


Is Da-hyun alive? Is she still connected to Gye-hoon?

In the final installment of K-Drama, after being relieved of the burden of kidnapping Gye-young, Da-hyun helps Gye-hoon recover from the loss of his sister. Da-hyun remembers Gye-young’s last words to him and tells them to Gye-hoon as she is taken to the hospital. Da-hyun is injured after being attacked by Young-hoon, who is afraid the truth about him as a predator will come out. Just as he is about to hit Gye-hoon, the police arrive and arrest him in time. Young-hwan discovers that Jung-ho has gone missing and rushes to find him being attacked by Young-hoon.

Luckily for Young-hwan, Jung-ho is still alive. On the other hand, Da-hyun is under surveillance in the hospital and Bok-hee tells Gye-hoon that the doctors told them she would make it. She is unconscious for a while, but when she finally regains consciousness, she finds that the connection between her and Gye-hoon has been severed since her attack. Now the two are separated and can no longer understand the feelings of the other.

Locals are shocked to learn that the fish shop owner, Young-hoon, was the kidnapper who killed Gye-young as a child and kidnapped Da-hyun with her. You read news reports that he was questioned about the incident 18 years ago and the recent murder of Kim Jin-geun. Meanwhile, Ha Eui-chan is finally able to reconcile with his son Han Se-jin (aka Ji Won-tak). Won-tak (Se-jin) and Min-joo still work together at the Jiwhadong Police Department, but they meet privately.

Gye-hoon finally confronts his mother and informs her that his father has been missing for some time and that it is quite possible that he is dead. Jung-ho keeps visiting Young-hoon to find out where Gye-young’s skeletal remains are, and after bothering him for a while, the kidnapper finally reveals where he buried the young child after killing her. Young-hwan and Jung-ho team up to find the remains. The two police officers, along with the other police officers, find the remains of a small child along with an adult man. They inform Gye-hoon, who suspects the remains are those of his sister Gye-young and her father.

After being released from the hospital, Da-hyun finally graduates and is back to her old self while arguing with her mother. She misses Gye-hoon, but now that they broke up and his restaurant was closed, all she can remember is the happy memories she had with him. When she returns from the library one day, Gye-hoon is waiting for her with an umbrella.

Will Gye-hoon and Da-hyun end up together?

She tries to feign nonchalance when meeting him, but Gye-hoon suggests the idea of ​​the two getting back together now that things are finally normal. He convinces Da-hyun, after which the couple is finally back together. Gye-hoon is coming back to town and the restaurant is finally open. Contrary to Gye-hoon’s fears, the restaurant is so crowded with customers that a line of customers forms waiting to be seated.

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