Monday, October 25, 2021

Lillies angry at YG when Blackpink releases Lisa’s “Money” video but skips US promos

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YG Entertainment tried to calm Lillies (aka Lisa Fans) with a dance performance video for their track ‘Money’, but their angry fans want more

Fans of K-pop groups know the importance of their activities being promoted globally by all teams involved in the publicity flash around each album, even if they are solo projects by group members. This ensures these artists get the global recognition they deserve. When Lisa von Blackpink released her first solo single album, ‘Lalisa’, the album was an overnight success despite the meager promotion that limited it only to South Korea. The same does not apply to Lisa’s b-side track from the album “Money”.

Lisa’s fans, both Lillies and many Blinks, have asked many questions about why Blackpink’s label YG Entertainment has done so little to promote their artists, especially Blackpink members for their respective solo projects. There was great outrage when Lisa was held by Paris Fashion Week despite being in France at the time while other members of Blackpink attended their respective events to promote their brands. Since then, Lisa fans have kept an eye on YG Entertainment to get them to change their ways. The label has seen a huge drop in inventory since fans decided to punish the label for “mistreating” Lisa.

The problem with YG Entertainment: mistreatment of Blackpink’s Lisa raises questions

Dance performance video for “Money”

After YG Entertainment annoyed Lisa fans so much about her mismanagement of Lisa and her wasted time in Paris, the label dropped more promotional content to calm down angry fans. On October 10th, YG Entertainment released the performance video for Lisa’s b-side track “Money”. The video started doing extremely well on Blackpink’s YouTube channel, with over 6 million views in less than 17 hours since its release.

Fans started talking about how amazing Lisa was in the video when she and the dance crew performed the song with so much energy and confidence that comments on the video said one fan, “She’s an asset. She can actually build her own empire. So YG didn’t allow her to go to a big event on her own because YG is afraid of losing her, “while another said:” Lisa is the next generation pop idol. She is ultimately talented. Her talent for dancing is unstoppable. Flexes are breathtaking. She really is a futuristic K-pop artist and my role model. “

See Lisa doing the ‘Money’ dance here:

Although the YouTube comments on the performance video provided positive feedback and appreciation for Lisa, Twitter was full of fan tweets cheering YG Entertainment for barely promoting the song “Money” in the US. Since its release, the song has not been promoted by the South Korean label. But fans expected more from Lisa’s US promotions. With a limited number of radio spins and almost no active promotions, ‘Money’ hit the charts worldwide, but without a radio play, that wasn’t enough for ‘Money’ to hit the Billboard top song charts. Fans now say Lisa deserves more promotion for the song as they express their disapproval for YG continuing to mess up Lisa’s album promotions. One fan said, “ADVERTISE YOU USELESS FVCKER !!!” in response to her tweet about the ‘Money’ performance video. Another fan said, “Why wasn’t it posted on Blackpink’s official accounts?” One fan asked, “Can you bother putting it on radios? Thanks!”

One fan was sarcastic when he said, “After the problems hit the crisis stage, I see what you are doing, keep it up because we’re going to keep an eye on you.” Another fan said, “Y’all, Idk, but why the hell did you just post this when you can actually do it since the beginning of Lisa’s solo? her mistreatment towards Lisa? Lol, I can’t really stand your company. “A fan asked the label to be fair, and Lisa said,” I followed KPOP because of Lisa … if you can act quickly so the other members of Blackpink fix a problem , you should do the same with LISA. “

Lisa fans tried to take matters into their own hands as they discussed what they could do themselves to get more publicity for Lisa’s single “Money”. A fan asked, “Interscope, send money to radio stations, Lisa is your artist, it is your duty to promote her in the US.” One fan said, “Money has 70 spins on US POP RADIO, the song takes 1000 spins for 1 poster point.” One fan asked, “Can you please tell us what we can do to put money into more radios? UMG, YG, and Interscope aren’t moving even if the song goes viral on Tiktok.” One fan said, “We all did this and asked their labels to move too, but they won’t respond. The streams are increasing and the song is now going viral under gp on Tiktok and the little radio play MONEY just came up? Thanks to the fans. We’re trying to get their labels’ attention. “

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