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‘Light the Night’: In Rose and Sue’s friendship and romance with Chiang Han

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Although Rose and Sue have long been friends, their love for the same man, Chiang Han, destroys their relationship

“Light the Night” is set in Taipei in the 1980s and is a story about love, deception, mystery and murder. The series follows Yu nung, known as Rose (Ruby Lin), a woman who runs a hostess bar in town with her best friend Su Ching Yi, known as Sue (Cheryl Yang). However, with rumors of drug trafficking at the bar, her life soon takes a dark turn.

Spoiler for ‘Light the Night’

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Rose presented herself from the start as an astute woman who tolerated straightforwardness in the smooth running of her club. Even so, she certainly has a warm attitude towards those who are important to her. Rose and Sue’s friendship is portrayed as rock solid. Before the two could take over the bar, Rose found herself in jail falling for an unknown crime committed by her husband.

Sue was there for her the whole time and helped her to get back on her feet. Sue is also the godmother of Wu Tzu-wei, Rose’s son. As explained on the series, the two were childhood friends and there is little that has stood between their friendship. When Rose is seen heartbroken after her relationship with Chiang Han (Rhydian Vaughan), a screenwriter, Sue is the one to comfort her. But while Rose heals her broken heart, it turns out that Sue is also in love with Chiang Han.

She’s the one who first met him and the two of them in a library and became friends. When she took him to Light, however, he and Rose sparked a romance before she even had a chance to clear up their feelings. After the breakup, Rose is still in love with Chiang Han, he quickly takes advantage of the fact that Sue is in love with him too. After ending his relationship with Rose, he quickly starts dating Sue.

Sue, convinced that Chiang Han is really in love with her, concludes this from her best friend until she is exposed by one of her hostesses, Aiko. Aiko resents Sue for breaking the heart of her classmate He Yu En and slowly begins to take revenge on Sue.

While Sue and Rose are no longer at eye level, they are still focused on making Light run smoothly. However, when Chiang Han decides he’s had enough of Sue, he breaks up with her and adds an insult to the injury by stating that if he ever settled down with anyone, it would be Rose. Heartbroken Sue attempts suicide only to be saved by her godson Tzu-wei, who finds her just in time. Despite Sue’s condition, Rose confronts Chiang Han with his actions, claiming that while she wants to hate Sue, she wants to find justice for her. Unfortunately, Sue and Rose continued to have a strained relationship until Sue was murdered.

What do you think? Will Rose ever return with Chiang Han? Will she be the one to avenge her friend and find her killer? Sound down! ‘Light the Night’ is slated to premiere on Netflix on Friday, November 26th, 2021. The second set of eight episodes will be available for streaming on December 3, 2021, and the final eight episodes will be released on December 10, 2021.

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