Monday, October 25, 2021

‘Let’s go Brandon’: MAGA rapper Loza Alexander’s meme-inspired TikTok song goes viral

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When Biden critics adopted the “Let’s go Brandon” chant as the code for “f *** Joe Biden”, rapper Loza Alexander made an entire song out of it

The “Let’s go Brandon” meme inspired a catchy single from rapper Loza Alexander that has now gone viral on social media. The controversial meme originated on October 3 when NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama after the racer took his first NASCAR Xfinity Series win of his career.

Stavast was caught on camera reporting the crowd in the stands behind it saying “Let’s go, Brandon!” when they actually sang “F ** k Joe Biden”. The phrase has now become an anti-establishment slogan.

“Let’s Go, Brandon”: Kid shouts anti-biden slogan as he starts Super Dirt Race

When Biden’s critics adopted the derogatory chant at sporting events and on social media to say “f *** Joe Biden”, rapper Loza Alexander decided to make an entire theme song out of it and post it on TikTok The Track Made On The Internet Waves and was even picked up by Fox News for its virality. “My #LetsGoBrandon song is going viral! It just hit Fox News !!!” Alexander was looking forward to Twitter.

Alexander’s track has an official music video on YouTube.

Biden critics on social media praised Alexander for his latest single. “Every time you say LGB on the song, someone in the background should say FJB,” tweeted one – it’s a suggestion that Alexander apparently took into account in his track.

“I saw this on Youtube when you first published it and I loved it..shared it with my friends … I’m so happy for you Loza and the Loza train !!!” another added. “Did you see the Let’s go Brandon song on TikTok? Looks like someone named Loza Alexander wrote and played it. From what I’ve seen on Fox, it’s pretty funny,” it said in a comment. “Damn. This joint is catchy. Made my ass twitch after 15 seconds of listening,” wrote one user. “I’m a country music girl, but I absolutely love this song! Thank you, Loza, brilliant, ”intervened another.

Alexander had previously been in the news after the January 6 riot on Capitol Hill when he was described by VICE News as a rapper affiliated with Proud Boy. He has released a music video called “FAFO”. “Fuck Black Lives Matter and Antifa, I’m a pride boy,” says Alexander in the video, wearing a MAGA hat and armed to the teeth while standing in front of a huge Proud Boy sign. “This is not about the hard-hitting boy – come over to his house, boy,” he added. “Now is January 6th. He went on, pointing the gun at the camera. “Before I tell your town what happened when you acted hard, pig?”

Even so, anti-biden chants are becoming increasingly popular at sporting events across the country. Last month, during the Texas A&M Aggies game against the Kent State Golden Flashes, many in the crowd sang “F ** k Joe Biden”. The same chant was repeated by a small portion of the crowd at the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers game against the Citadel Bulldogs on September 2 and the Virginia Tech game against UNC the following evening.

The president himself encountered angry hecklers while visiting New York and New Jersey on Sept. 7 when he arrived to review the damage caused by Hurricane Ida. Biden was greeted with boos and mundane posters by a group of angry residents after landing at the John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens.

As his motorcade rolled through New Jersey, a red, white and blue flag was emblazoned with the words: “F ** k Biden … And F ** k You for vote for him.”

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