Friday, August 5, 2022

Leslie Grace fans slam ‘Batgirl’ creators for indefinitely shelving film: ‘Would have been a huge leap in her career’

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“She will still get her bag but I hope her career will survive this,” said one fan

Warner Bros.’ news of the cancellation of DC Comics’ live-action film Batgirl has sent shockwaves through to fans around the world. The fantasy adventure film will not be released in cinemas and will not be streamed digitally on any platforms. The news has left fans of actress Leslie Grace heartbroken. Many took to social media to slam the creators for jeopardizing Grace’s career.

The $90 million project, directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, was in post-production until Warner Bros made the firm decision to shelve the film indefinitely. The main reason behind the big move after David Zaslav took over as the new CEO was said to be cost-cutting related to taxes and avoiding cash losses, Variety reported.


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“I feel terrible for Leslie”

Grace also broke her silence about the film being shelved. Thanking the team for the opportunity, she wrote, “After the recent news of our film Batgirl, I am proud of the love, hard work and intention that all of our incredible cast and tireless crew have put into this film for over 7 months Scotland. I feel blessed to have worked under the absolute greats and built relationships throughout my life!”

Reportedly, his first step after stepping in as CEO was to completely change the previous plan and strategy of simultaneously releasing films on HBO Max and in theaters. Zaslav was more focused on the films that would have a theatrical release and then find their way to the streaming service. So far he has already canceled several projects, including “Scoob!”.

The film, which was set to hit theaters in late 2022, would have ranked among the most expensive theatrical flops of all time. “It’s a DC disaster,” a source told the New York Post, adding, “They believe an unpronounceable ‘Batgirl’ will be irrecoverable.” Meanwhile, fans took to Twitter to slam the creators.

“It was also in post-production like, the f**k? Why cancel all of a sudden? I feel like this would have been a big moment in Leslie Grace’s career,” said one fan. “I feel horrible for Leslie Grace. Batgirl could have given her career a boost as is the case for other actors in the genre. They did everything except release it and then told her it wasn’t going to happen. This sucks,” added one fan.

“Just logged in and saw this. WBD doesn’t know what they’re doing. They’re scrapping CW and HBO Max shows, believing movies like Aquaman 2 and Flash as Pattinson Batman will hit the big time. idiots. I feel for Leslie Grace. She will still get her bag but I hope her career will survive this,” shared another fan.

“DC’s Batgirl shouldn’t have been canceled. It was nearing completion of pre-production and would have changed @lesliegrace’s life and career. Once again, Warner Bros. and DC are failing their fans with decisions that aren’t fair. #Batgirl,” noted another fan. “The cancellation of Batgirl is so disappointing on so many levels. @lesliegrace is such a talent and this could have been a career changing film for her. It’s not all about race, but if they had cast Emma Stone, I don’t think WB would see this film as “disposable.” Shameful,” noted one fan.

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