Saturday, June 25, 2022

Leonardo DiCaprio Trolls As GF Camila Morrone Turns 25, Internet Says ‘It’s The Final Countdown’

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Leonardo DiCaprio is known for having a dating history where none of his love interests were ever really older than 25

Leonardo DiCaprio, the evergreen actor who’s starred in a few blockbuster movies like ‘Titanic’ and ‘Shutter Island,’ is known for having a dating history where none of his love interests were ever really older than 25. The “Inception” actor is currently dating Camila Morrone. The model celebrated her milestone birthday on June 16, letting fans know she’s hitting the 25 bar.

Fans didn’t hold back as Leonardo himself jokingly commented that he was planning to break up with his girlfriend now that she turned 25. The internet was divided, and everyone long joked about the actor’s fondness for younger women.


Leo and Camila have been a couple since 2017, and she was just 20 when they started dating. The couple recently celebrated Camila’s 25th birthday. Camila Morrone shared her gratitude for the birthday wishes she received from friends, fans and family on social media. However, the internet jokingly pointed out that she’s now turned 25 and with that, it was probably time for Leo to find his next one.

DiCaprio fans have jokingly hinted that the Hollywood actor could soon be breaking up with model girlfriend Camila Morrone after she celebrated her 25th birthday on Thursday. The banter seemed to go on for hours as everyone took turns pointing out why the theory could be true, given that the 47-year-old actor had a notable history of ending relationships with previous lovers before they turned 25. And since his model friend Camila Morrone only reached that exact age, the online community is now joking that he might kick her to the curb for a younger woman.

One fan tweeted, “It’s the final countdown,” while another added, “If they make it another year it will be both his longest relationship and she will be the first 26 year old he’s dated.” ”

One fan tweeted: “Happy Birthday Sweetie!!! It’s time for us to call it quits,” and another explained, “He probably knows other celebrity stepkids who are graduating from high school.”

While celebrating her 25th birthday, the 5’7″ beauty looked happy as she shared new photos of herself wearing a plunging cheetah print tank top over a blue bra and freshly dyed orange hair with a touch of pink in it waves rocked. Morrone’s post comes less than two weeks after she underwent a major hair transformation for a new role, which she teased earlier this month.

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