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Lauren Graham once said an alternative title for Gilmore Girls “Sounds like a natural childbirth method”

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Gilmore Girls has become a standout piece of pop culture since it premiered in 2000, but its creator once worried about the audiences it would draw. Hoping to attract a wide audience, Amy Sherman-Palladino put a lot of thought into the nature of the series Gilmore Girls would be and what it would be called. However, an alternative title was briefly considered Gilmore Girls won. Lauren Graham was happy about that as she wasn’t so into the other possible names.

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That’s correct, Gilmore Girls almost had an alternative title – and it was born out of a desire to reach a wider audience.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2000, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and the cast admitted they had considered calling the show The Gilmore Way. Their hope was that it would attract male viewers, which is what they feared Gilmore Girls would not reach.

Rather than just alluding to the show’s female leads, The Gilmore Way would include Richard (Edward Herrmann) in it. Of course, that doesn’t change the character of the series. And Sherman-Palladino eventually decided it could appeal to men without using any other title.

“It’s not just a women’s show,” Sherman-Palladino told EW. “There are fun, interesting characters … and I’m adding a few more boys.”

Lorelai Gilmore actress Lauren Graham was grateful Gilmore Girls one out how she didn’t like it The Gilmore Way everything so much.

In retrospect, Gilmore Girls Fans are probably glad Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t go for the alternate title. As it turns out, so does Lauren Graham. Speaking to EW, she recalled hearing about the possibility of using it The Gilmore Way. She didn’t like the idea, especially since it reminded her of a “natural birth.”

“A title flown is The Gilmore Way, which sounds like a natural birth method,” Graham told EW. “I’m not behind this.”

Luckily for her, she never had to find out since Gilmore Girls won. But according to Amy Sherman-Palladino, audience concerns didn’t end there. The creator and network also wanted the show to appeal to multiple generations — something they had to work on to stand out.

In addition to securing Gilmore Girls When asked about men – alternative title or not – Amy Sherman-Palladino wanted the series to stand out from all the teen shows that were airing at the time. In particular, she told EW that they wanted a story that could captivate mothers and daughters alike.

“They’ve really saturated the teen market,” Sherman-Palladino explained. “Last year some good shows went under because people were like, ‘Ugh, another show about teenagers – who cares?’

Thankfully, that wasn’t the answer gilmore girls, which still has a huge following today. Many are still waiting for another season of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life happen – even if it is becoming less and less likely that it will happen.

Gilmore Girls is currently streaming on Netflix.

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