Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Laura Bond jewelery shows up in the St James Quarter for just two days

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She will be in the Sook unit over the weekend of June 24th and 25th

You may have noticed that no one wears large chandelier earrings anymore and a single stud looks fitting.

Instead, it’s all about the “ear party,” says Edinburgh-based jewelry designer Laura Bond, 38. This look translates to lots of jewels for different piercings to make your lugs sparkle like the Milky Way.

This increasingly popular style could explain why Bond’s eponymous, three-year-old business, which she runs with sister Georgie and husband Doug, was just valued at $1.5 million.

Now she’s popping up in the St James Quarter June 24-25 where you can browse her designs, which are made from responsibly sourced 9k and 14k gold and range in price from £48 to £125 and find out more get advice from the experts.

How did you get into jewelry?

I’ve been obsessed with it since I was a little girl, when I would rummage through my mom’s jewelry box and try on all of her rings and necklaces.

I got my first cartilage piercing when I was a teenager and my love for the multiple piercing trend grew from there (I have 14 piercings in total including my Rook and Daith), but I was frustrated that I couldn’t find beautiful, dainty earrings that I did could afford. My style was feminine and I didn’t like the messy piercings that all the studios stocked. By the time I hit my thirties I fell in love with costume jewelry made from cheap materials and wanted to invest in pieces that would last. There were brands that made solid gold earrings with diamonds, but even as a thirty-something earning a decent salary, they were totally out of my price range. So I decided to start my own company.

Do you think people prefer to buy jewelry in person?

I think it depends, although in our experience customers are very fond of shopping online. Especially when the brand has a strong social presence. We offer free virtual ear styling so customers can send us a picture of their ear and try on the jewelry virtually. I think the best retailers are realizing that a mix of online and in-store is the way to go.

Do you think the pop-up shop will attract a different audience that might not have discovered you otherwise?

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