Friday, December 2, 2022

Lana Condor was once told to “be more like Hello Kitty,” which she describes as “so offensive.”

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Lana Condor rose to fame in 2018 thanks to her work at Netflix To all boys film series. Before that, however, she had worked hard in Hollywood for several years. Condor, who grew up with strong opinions and a solid work ethic, hasn’t had the easiest time in the industry. She has even been confronted with sexism and discrimination on several occasions. In a 2020 Variety interview, Condor called a casting person who told the young actor to be “more like Hello Kitty.”

Sexism and discrimination have affected almost every industry, and Hollywood is no exception. Over the years, a few stars have challenged their own personal experiences of discrimination, including Condor. In a 2020 interview with Variety, the star revealed that she once had an awkward experience in a casting room. Condor explained how the casting person told her to be “more like Hello Kitty”.

“I remember when she said that, I was like, ‘I don’t know what you mean.’ I’m straight — you’ve got to call that out somehow,” Condor said. She went on to explain that “Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth. (As) a woman, I’m like, ‘Dude, you want me to be more like Hello Kitty, but she has no voice.’ This is so offensive to me.”

While Condor may have been uncomfortable at the moment, she’s been using her platform to call out discrimination since she rose to fame. She has pointed out that the entertainment industry still has a long way to go in erasing stereotypes and putting everyone on the same level. As she told Variety in her 2020 interview, “We’re making progress, and I see it. When I enter rooms now, I am taken more seriously. However, these little blurbs are a reminder to me that there is still so much work to be done in the industry and that ignorance needs to be dispelled.”

Condor has also discussed the importance of women claiming lead roles in films. She thinks the conversation about strong female characters should change. In a 2020 interview with Interview Magazine, Condor said she disagrees with those who continue to ask her if she’s “Team Peter or Team John” regarding her role in the magazine To all boys Franchise.

“You have an Asian-American lead, and everyone celebrates that diversity in the film, and yet when journalists ask you about the film, it has nothing to do with it,” Condor said. “When it comes to female-led films, they just want to ask about the love interest. As much as I think we’re making progress, these are really realistic reminders that we still have a long way to go.”

In recent years, Condor has split from the franchise that made it famous. She prides herself on choosing unexpected roles that challenge her creatively. She was last seen in the 2022 film moonshota sci-fi rom-com starring Cole Sprouse, Zach Braff and Emily Rudd.

She will also experiment with voice acting. Condor can be heard in the upcoming animated comedy Coyote vs Acme, is scheduled for release in 2023 according to IMDb. The sky is the limit for Condor, a bright young star who is talented and brave.

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