Saturday, June 25, 2022

Lala Kent was ripped as a “clown” after sharing her “creepy” look

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Lala Kent recently showed off some of her summer makeup looks on Instagram, walking fans through her nightly routine, but the videos she shared were met with a lot of negative reactions from fans who thought she was doing too much to her face .

The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star posted a video of her summer makeup look on Instagram and wrote in the caption, ‘Most of you said your summer makeup vibe would include: dewy skin , tanned eyes, neutral lips. So here’s a quick peek I took of @givethemlalabeauty.” She also shared the names of the products she used in her look.

Kent also used her Instagram Stories to share her late-night routine, and in both videos, she featured close-ups of her face. A screenshot of the routine from her story was shared on Reddit, where fans slammed the Bravo star for her changing look. The criticism mirrored comments left on Instagram about Kent’s makeup video.

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One person commented on Kent’s Instagram post: “Omg that’s so much makeup it looks like oil paint. What happened to the natural beauty?” Another wrote, “NO MORE WORK LaLa!!!! Please.” Another said, “I mean. Do straight guys find that clown makeup really sexy?” Another added, “I feel bad their people are letting them post that.”

Several stars wrote that they wanted Kent to shut his mouth in the video. “MOUTH CLOSED!!! & maybe forgiven,” one wrote. “Are your lips that glued together?” asked another. One person said, “Shut your mouth.” Someone commented, “Looks like she’s in pain with those lips.” Another wrote, “Why is she doing that to her face?”

One person wrote: “Please stop messing with your face. You look like a different person.” Another said, “A little too cakey for my liking.” One person described Kent’s video as “fucking scary”. Someone said, “You don’t look healthy!”

Many people criticized Kent’s close-up of her nighttime routine from her Instagram story on Reddit. “They’re literally giving each other mustaches over the ducklip thing,” someone said. “Yes, it is the filler that migrates. So sad; How can anyone think this looks good? added another. One person wrote: “She’s on lip and face fillers again and it looks awful. She always overdoes it.”

One Redditor commented, “Also her eyes are dead.” Another said, “Omg what did she do to her face.” One person wrote, “I gasped when I clicked on her IG story.” Another person commented, “I hate what she did to her eyebrows. Lala was so beautiful before she started touching her face. Verily, less is more.”

Kent posted a photo of herself with her daughter Ocean on Father’s Day and shared several videos on her Instagram Story of Ocean spending the day with her “Vanderpump Rules” co-stars Brittany Cartwright, Jax Taylor and Scheana Shay and their children Has. However, fans were curious as to why Ocean wasn’t with her father, Kent’s ex-fiancé Randall Emmett, on this particular holiday.

Emmett posted a couple of Instagram Stories showing his three daughters, two of whom are from a previous marriage. He also posted a photo with his children on Instagram and wrote: “My greatest achievement in this life will always be my 3 beautiful daughters. Every day they make life perfect. They are all so different and beautiful in every way. I hope all the dads out there are having an amazing Father’s Day and thank you dad for the unconditional love you’ve given me.”

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