Friday, August 12, 2022

Kyle Richards reveals RHOBH’s ‘toughest’ filming times

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards has been on the hit Bravo series since its first season, which premiered 12 years ago. The reality TV personality opened up about being a Bravo star during an interview with in July 2022 Hi! magazine. While speaking with the publication, the mother-of-four shared the moments she enjoyed most while filming.

“Milestones with my kids that I get to document. Whether it’s sad – to drop her off at college; I always will,” Kyle said. “And Farrah graduates, bar mitzvah, learns to drive, all those things. I just think life gets so crazy and hectic and now we have an iPhone, you never take proper photos, we don’t walk around with video cameras like we used to. I have some great professional family videos.”

She also revealed that she struggled filming arguments, particularly with her sister Kim Richards, who was a main cast member until season five. The ‘Nanny and the Professor’ star made cameo appearances in subsequent seasons. As fans know, the sisters had a lot of issues while starring together.

“That’s when I argue with someone. Obviously the hardest [time] was with my sister Kim, it’s part of the family. When we have those arguments on the show, it doesn’t just end when the cameras go off and it spills over into your personal life and you can’t change the mood and your feelings. I try very hard not to let it affect my mood at home,” said the reality TV personality.

During the Hello! In the interview, Kyle shared that her “life has evolved in so many ways” after joining the cast of “RHOBH.” She explained that she was “a busy stay-at-home mom” before she became a Bravo star.

“[A]Suddenly I was a working mom and I had all this guilt. But then I got really proud of being a working mom and going back to producing television and acting again, and the more I do, the more my daughters are proud of me. So it has evolved a lot in that sense. And when you watch yourself and think about everything, you learn and you grow,” Kyle said.

Kyle and Kim’s sister, Kathy Hilton, became a “RHOBH” star in the eleventh season of the show. during one June 2021 Entertainment Tonight interviewAlongside Kyle, Hilton shared why, after a few guest appearances, she decided to officially join the cast of the show.

“I find [Kyle] Being so persistent and going back and forth and back and forth between calls from the producer and you really proves it to me, at least if you push and push and push you eventually win me over. You understand me,” Hilton said.

When speaking to People Magazine in March 2022Kyle confirmed that Hilton will appear in later episodes of Season 12 of “RHOBH.” She teased that fans can expect her sister to be humorous on the show.

“She doesn’t show up that much this season because she’s been busy [daughter] Wedding in Paris and all that. But she’s definitely there and she’s always fun,” said the “RHOBH” star.

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