Sunday, October 2, 2022

Kyle Richards pays tribute to sister Kim with rare family photos

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Kyle Richards posted rare family photos in honor of her sister’s birthday.

The ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star’s family drama has unfolded on the Bravo reality show since its first season in 2010, which starred both Kyle and Kim Richards and a shocking limousine scene depicting the “Halloween… star outed her older wife to being an alcoholic sister.

In 2021, eldest sister Kathy Hilton joined the cast, and during the 12thth Season she had a breakdown during a cast trip to Aspen. Fans saw her get upset with Kyle for not promoting her brand of tequila during a group outing — and that was just the beginning of a disastrous cast journey that’s still unfolding on the Bravo reality show.

While it’s unclear what the status of her relationship with Kathy is right now, on September 19, 2022, Kyle shared a touching post that included family photos as she wished her sister Kim a happy birthday.

In an Instagram post, Kyle shared a slideshow of family photos in honor of her sister Kim’s 58th birthday. The first two images show the celebrity siblings posing in the 1980s, while another photo showed all three sisters in a swimming pool with Richards patriarch Ken in the late 1960s. Another photo showed a young Kim and Kyle in the 1970s, while a more recent photo showed all three sisters along with all of Kim’s four children during one night out.

“Happy Birthday [Kim Richards]’ Kyle captioned the post. “I love you and I hope you have a great birthday. May all your wishes come true.”

Followers responded to the post with comments. While some sent Kim birthday wishes, others called out to Kyle for her late-day post, which included her in every picture with the birthday girl. And others said she was “not a good sister.”

“Damn she literally waited til the last minute to say hbd to her sister lmao,” cracked one commenter.

“Can’t you make her shine in a picture? You don’t have to be in everything,” added another.

“Looking like a good sister on Insta. No,” wrote another.

Another commenter called Kyle about an old “RHOBH” scene starring Lisa Rinna pounced on Kim and threw her a wine glass during a group dinner in Amsterdam.

“Where’s the photo of you running away while Kim is being physically attacked by a woman you’ve now become best friends with???? #phony #worstsister,” the commenter wrote.

Kyle and Kathy bumped into each other while filming RHOBH Season 12. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight in July 2022, Kathy admitted she regretted some of the things she said about her sister behind her back. But she also made it a point to clarify that she’s never had a fight with her middle sister, Kim.

“That’s a rumor I’d like to clear up — Kim and I never had an issue,” she added. “I mean, like all sisters, we had a little bit here and there… but we get along very, very well.”

Kyle also hinted that things were strained between her and Kathy after filming RHOBH Season 12. “Something happened this season, but we’re sisters, we’re blood, so at the end of the day we’re always going to get back together,” she said, according to The Daily Mail earlier this year. “

But during a July 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Kyle told host Andy Cohen that the sudden death of her childhood best friend brought her and her sisters back together that year.

“My sisters and I are speaking again,” she told host Andy Cohen. “[Kathy and I] had a small dry spell after the season. And Kim, we have good spots and rough spots here and there, as you may have heard… but we’re all you know, we’re in a good spot right now.

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