Thursday, September 22, 2022

Kyle Richards Opens Up About ‘Fight of Her Life’ Co-Stars

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During their highly anticipated trip to Aspen, Colorado, the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” had plenty of drama.

On the September 7, 2022 episode, Erika Jayne was the center of attention as the women attempted to speak to her about the families of the victims involved in the case against Erika’s ex-husband and his law firm.

Erika claims she has no sympathy for the “potential victims” because she believes they could fabricate the story and she’s awaiting how things pan out in a lawsuit. However, her RHOBH co-stars became increasingly frustrated with her take on the whole thing. And at some point, Kyle Richards actually lost his temper with Erika.

Richards spoke about the episode on the RHOBH After Show.

Here’s what you need to know:

During the RHOBH After Show, Richards said she was “surprised” by the things Erika said during that heated discussion in Aspen. When Richards said they should “have a little sensitivity to the victims,” ​​Erika replied, “The only person you should be worried about is me.”

“I really fought with the Erika stuff,” Richards said, adding that the Aspen fight was the “first time” the two “did it over legal issues.”

“Right now she feels like she is in the fight of her life. I was really surprised by the things she said and I couldn’t keep my mouth shut,” Richards said, adding that she knew things were getting more intense because Erika had been drinking.

Meanwhile, Erika tried to explain that her co-stars “need to take legal action” and said her co-stars should “stop asking [her] questions they know [she] can’t answer.”

Erika also said that she was disappointed with the way Richards handled things and thinks she should have taken her aside to talk about it if she was really concerned.

After watching the RHOBH After Show, fans took to Reddit to discuss. Many fans seemed to agree with Richard’s take on what happened and think that Erika didn’t handle things the right way.

“Erika says a real friend would pull her aside and talk to her off camera is absolute COW S***! How many times have they stalked someone for not being “open and honest.” What makes her think she’s immune to her own enforced rules? Bullshit,” one person wrote.

“Ever since Erika’s very first season, I’ve been asking that question over and over again. WHY does anyone want to be Erika’s friend? She’s not nice, she’s not fun, she’s not that smart. What’s the damn appeal?!?” someone else asked.

“If Erika had had any self-preservation instincts, she would have just followed Kyle’s advice. Why, even if you are a badass narcissist, you can’t at least pretend to be normal and feel bad for the victims while denying any personal wrongdoing? It’s not hard,” read a third comment.

“She should have practiced saying a thousand times, ‘I can’t talk too much about this because it’s going to court, but it’s a tragic situation and I hope everyone gets what they’re entitled to,’ to the point, on which it’s the first thing that comes out of her mouth, no matter how drunk or angry she gets. Just like last season, she should have memorized the story and stuck with it. If she weren’t so arrogant, she would be so much better off in so many ways,” added a fourth Redditor.

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