Sunday, December 5, 2021

Kristopher Henderson: Minnesota father beats two-month-old daughter to death, blames cat

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A criminal complaint said the child was taken to a local hospital with broken legs, broken ribs and a hemorrhage in the brain

MANKATO, MINNESOTA: A father who allegedly killed his two-month-old baby and blamed the family’s cat is now charged with murder and manslaughter. Kristopher Dale Arlando Henderson has been charged with unintentional second degree murder in the commission of a crime and first degree manslaughter in the malicious punishment of a child after his daughter died in early November.

The 39-year-old was initially charged with first-degree assault for brutally beating his young daughter, Adaline, at his home in Mankato on September 23. A criminal complaint filed in October said the child was rushed to a local hospital on the evening of the same day that she suffered the fatal injuries – broken legs, broken ribs and a brain haemorrhage.


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Since the infant’s condition was very serious due to the severe injuries, she was reportedly moved to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester for better treatment. But Adaline could not be saved and died on November 3rd. Her mother, Shelby Goodrich, told investigators that she left her baby at home on the morning of September 23, after feeding it on the way to work. The toddler was in good health at this point. But later that evening, around 5 p.m., she received a call from Henderson saying he had found the family’s 19 pound cat lying on top of the child.

About an hour later, Goodrich reportedly returned home to find that the infant’s eyes looked like they were “bulging” out of her head. She immediately called her mother for advice before taking the child to the emergency room, where they arrived at around seven o’clock in the evening.

After questioning Goodrich, investigators also spoke to Henderson, who initially claimed he knew nothing about Adaline’s injuries, court documents say. He then claimed that the cat was responsible for his daughter’s condition. But the doctors treating the child said her injuries were consistent with “non-accidental trauma” and the cat cannot be held responsible.

After constant interrogation, the defendant confessed to the crime and said he may have been “a bit rude” with his daughter when he changed her diaper. In another interview on October 1, Henderson reportedly told police officers that he “took the child face down in his arms and hit them back harder than usual.” He also apparently claimed that “the alleged attack lasted five minutes and admitted that he hit the victim hard enough to break her ribs”.

Although the child was pronounced dead on November 3 after showing “little to no brain activity,” the final results of the autopsy are still pending. Meanwhile, Henderson has been held in the Blue Earth County Jail and his bond has been set at $ 1 million.

Goodrich paid tribute to her little one when she told, “She has always been a very happy baby. As she learned to smile, she kept smiling and was never fussy unless she wanted a bottle, a diaper change, or a few cuddles. She and I had cuddle time from 9 to 11 every day when I was on maternity leave and on my days off. I couldn’t stop looking at her or being by her side when I could. She was very attentive and constantly tried to watch what was going on around her. She was my world and now my world will be a darker place forever without her. She has been loved so much in the short time she has been with us and will continue to be so. “

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