Saturday, November 27, 2021

Kostas Papanastasiou "Lindenstrasse"-Star: The cause of death has been determined

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Kostas Papanastasiou is dead. The native Greek and former actor from “Lindenstrasse” died on Sunday. His son now reports on the last moments of the deceased.

For more than twelve years Kostas Papanastasiou played the role of the Greek host Panaiotis Sarikakis in the fictional restaurant “Akropolis” and was the favorite of many viewers of the “Lindenstrasse” series. On Wednesday it became known that the actor died at the age of 84. The cause of death was not yet known. But now Papanastasiou’s son has made a statement. Not only did he reveal what he died of, but he also talked about the last hours of his father’s life.

"The Lindenstrasse": Kostas Papanastasiou with Hermes Hodolides and Domna Adamopoulou.  (Source: IMAGO / Horst Galuschka)“The Lindenstrasse”: Kostas Papanastasiou with Hermes Hodolides and Domna Adamopoulou. (Source: IMAGO / Horst Galuschka)

Marc-Alexey Papanastasiou now told the “Bild” newspaper that the series star had not been doing well for two weeks. He suffered from dementia. “Nevertheless, his death came as a surprise,” said the son. “My father lived with my mother in assisted living for the past two years. He was taken to the hospital on Friday night.”

First, the team diagnosed a urinary tract infection in the hospital. “In the end he died of kidney failure. He just fell asleep on the night of Death Sunday,” he continues.

As in his “Lindenstrasse” role, Kostas Papanastasiou also ran a Greek restaurant in real life. This was taken over by his son Marc-Alexey Papanastasiou in 2017. He had just been to the restaurant and turned on the song “Stairway to Heaven” when his wife informed him by phone of his father’s death.

On Saturday, Marc-Alexey Papanastasiou felt the seriousness of his father’s condition. He visited him again that evening and told him a few last things.

Kostas Papanastasiou emphasized during his lifetime that he wanted to be buried in his native Greece. The family follows this wish. A memorial service is to take place on December 10th in honor of the deceased in the restaurant he founded in Berlin.

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