Sunday, November 27, 2022

Kim Kardashian Promotes SKIMS Vacation Line In ‘Skimpy’ Bikini, Internet Complains ‘It’s Too Small’

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In her latest post, the ‘The Kardashians’ star posed in skimpy little bikinis from her new line and wrote, ‘SKIMS Holiday Shop available now’.

HIDDEN HILLS, CALIFORNIA: The holiday season is upon us! And that means everyone getting ready for some Christmas shopping. So what better time than now to launch a new collection, right? Well, that’s exactly what Kim Kardashian thought when she launched her new vacation line, SKIMS. And we all know how much Kim loves promoting her brand, so it’s no surprise that the reality star and business mogul gave fans a peek while unveiling a new product on Instagram.

In her latest post, the ‘The Kardashians’ star posed in skimpy little bikinis from her new line. Caption: “SKIMS Holiday Shop Now Available.” It’s obvious Kim intended the series of images to inform her fans and followers about her new products. The photos mainly focus on the black bikini, reportedly embellished with Swaroski crystals, and Kim’s toned physique. There’s also a video among the many photos, showing Kim wearing a tan version of the bikini set in the dark while someone shines a light on the star, causing the many Swarovski crystals to sparkle. While the star undoubtedly looks stunning in her latest creation, some people online weren’t too impressed. A few commented that the “itsy bitsy” lingerie was too small.


One netizen commented on her Instagram post: “Doesn’t fit. Too small.” While another added, “It’s meant to cover the nipple.” One person also asked the SKIMS founder, “Couldn’t find one that fit?”

And one cheekily wrote: “Okayyy but I have a great purr energy how is it supposed to fit in this shit?!?!?” Another said: “Exactly how much is dental floss and two coasters?”

It’s not the first time the internet has criticized Kim’s SKIMS line. A Reddit thread devoted to the same topic also highlighted the quality of the ‘The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’ star’s products. Many people have expressed dissatisfaction with SKIMS, with one person writing, “The problem with Skims is that they spend so much time creating new collections that they probably don’t understand the quality at the core of the brand.” can increase, namely carry the form.”

While one compared the brand to Target: “I met someone the other day who looked like she was wearing a Skims top and pants – and she said they weren’t, they were from Target and she loved them.” So go everyone!”

Another social media user said, “Yes, I’ve heard a lot of people say that Target has similar items that are similar to Skims and that they’re both affordable and convenient. Even Dream Kardashian upped the target lol.”

One person even remarked, “Everything I’ve bought there falls apart very quickly or doesn’t fit me at all.” was worth the price in the beginning,” noting that SKIM no longer offers products that are worth the price.

Even the tiny Sworoski bikini, which barely covers Kim’s assets in her new post, is priced at $98, while the bottoms are $78. We’re excited to see what the internet has to say about it!

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