Sunday, November 27, 2022

Kim Cattrall seemingly cast shadows on ‘Sex and the City’ castmates

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In case you were wondering, it doesn’t look like Kim Cattrall is keen on forgiving or forgetting. That Sex and the City Alum recently accepted an award at the Glamor Women of the Year Awards and took the opportunity to throw some shade. While Cattrall didn’t name names, many fans believe she subtly attacked people she used to work with in her acceptance speech. It seems Kim Cattrall’s feud with her former co-stars is still ongoing. Not everyone is amused by this.

In November 2022, Cattrall was honored with the Screen Icon Award at the Glamor Women of the Year Awards. Cattrall was honored for her contribution to television and film over the past 40 years.

Cattrall opened her acceptance speech by saying, “That’s what happens when you go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.” The actress, who has nearly 100 acting credits to her name, went on to discuss misogyny and to speak about her experience working in television and film.

Cattrall took the quote about “tolerating” and shared it on Instagram. From then on a debate ensued. While Cattrall has many supporters, some fans have heard just enough about Cattrall’s feud with Sarah Jessica Parker and the cast and crew of Sex and the City.

Cattrall wasn’t the only one Sex and the City Alum honored at ceremony. Jennifer Hudson, who famously played Louise from St. Louis, was named Glamour’s Woman of the Year. Hudson threw her hat in the ring for a possible return for the restart.

While Glamor chose to celebrate Cattrall’s acceptance speech, not everyone agreed. Most fans think Cattrall stabbed their ex Sex and the City co-stars, and many are over it. The cast of Sex and the city started a reboot of the famous series without Cattrall in December 2021. It would not be the first time. Some fans also don’t believe Cattrall is being “unapologetically true” to himself with the speech.

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Several fans took to Instagram to comment on the speech. Those who worried were mostly worried about Cattrall’s desire to seemingly shadow her former co-stars at every turn. While there were many supporters in the comments section, there were just as many detractors.

One Instagram user noted that they didn’t celebrate Cattrall because she was constantly beating up her former co-stars. Several other commentators forced Cattrall to continue. They proposed that at this point, years after their last project with her Sex and the City co-stars, she was just petty. Some Instagram followers noted that Cattrall doesn’t realize how privileged she is.

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Most of the Sex and the City The cast have chosen not to speak openly about Cattrall in the years since they began speaking out. Until recently, even Sarah Jessica Parker, who was the primary target of Cattrall’s disdain, was under guard over the feud. Just in the last year, the actor who plays Carrie Bradshaw has opened up about her feelings. In an interview with Variety, Parker said she wouldn’t be comfortable with Cattrall returning And just like that... if she ever decided she was interested in reprising her role because Cattrall shared her feelings so publicly.

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