Monday, December 5, 2022

Kelly Clarkson honors education fund for homeless children

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For months, The Voice trainer and American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has been highlighting and donating to local charities and organizations across the country in her Good Neighbor of the Year segment. In her latest segment, she invited local Pittsburgh journalists from Action News 4 to her show to tell an organization’s story, and they chose the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, or HCEF.

Watch Kelly’s full interview below with Action News 4’s Kelly Sasso, HCEF Executive Director AJ Jefferson and Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris.

In the interview, Kelly Sasso explained that Action News 4 nominated the Homeless Children’s Education Fund for Kelly Clarkson’s Good Neighbor of the Year segment because they had outstanding success in providing local students and families with access to resources. Sasso mentions that students who receive help from HCEF have a 90% high school graduation rate.

“There’s a really direct correlation between graduating from high school and ending up homeless and stability in the future,” says Sasso, “so kids who don’t graduate have a much higher chance of becoming homeless and so on your work really breaks through.” the cycle.”

AJ Jefferson discusses the services that HCEF offers, including school supplies, tutoring, college and career planning, social worker, internships, and a $2,500 award for every student in their programs who are pursuing post-secondary education going directly to the future student is used at their own discretion.

Clarkson appreciates the work of HCEF and speaks about how homelessness is a problem across the country.

“When people think, ‘Oh, it doesn’t directly affect me,’ I say, ‘Yeah, it does,'” Clarkson said.

Viewers will also hear from NFL star Najee Harris, an HCEF supporter and advocate who faced homelessness growing up, on why he cares about the organization, and Michael, a college grad who is an HCEF supporter became. Clarkson will then present HCEF with $10,000 from Scholastic and $5,000 worth of books.

Pittsburgh Action News 4’s Kelly Sasso took viewers behind the scenes of her and HCEF’s visit to The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Sasso and Jefferson admitted backstage that they were nervous but excited to share HCEF’s story with audiences on The Kelly Clarkson Show and that neither had ever been on a daytime talk show like this before.

After Sasso taped her segment, he stuck with it and turned the tables by interviewing presenter Kelly Clarkson for the audience. Sasso asked Clarkson why she chose HCEF for her Good Neighbor of the Year segment, where viewers vote on one of the highlighted organizations to win a bigger prize.

“People don’t realize that it’s a great idea, yeah, and it’s great that it’s happening in the community,” Clarkson said of the organization, “but the same type of formula can be implemented in other communities.”

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