Thursday, January 19, 2023

Kelly Clarkson Guest Stars on Her Favorite TV Show

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The Voice coach and American Idol champion Kelly Clarkson is the first to admit she doesn’t enjoy acting. The ‘Since U Been Gone’ singer is known for cracking jokes about her role in ‘From Justin to Kelly’, which she did with fellow ‘Idol’ runner-up Justin Guarini after its season ended (due to a contractual obligation) .

However, this week Clarkson was persuaded to accept a guest role on one of her favorite shows, ABC’s The Rookie, opposite Nathan Fillion. Clarkson played himself in the Cold Open on the January 17, 2023 episode. In the episode, Clarkson was bringing balloons and flowers to someone in the hospital when Fillion’s character, Officer John Nolan, and his colleagues all crowded into the elevator with her. One official even takes the moment to let Kelly know she’s a huge fan.

Watch a clip of Clarkson’s guest appearance below.

The production team of The Kelly Clarkson Show surprised host Clarkson with some of her favorite things during the April 22, 2022 episode (before Clarkson’s birthday on April 24). Not only was Clarkson treated to margaritas, chips, and a mariachi band, but her special guests were the cast of “The Rookie.”

Clarkson interviewed them all about their work lives, and the cast opened up about how they act on set and have fun together day in and day out. “I feel sorry for the directors,” Mekia Cox said, “because they come in and their job is to get through the day, get through all of their scenes, but usually they have to add something — when we’re all in it at once — they have to add to that.” Add an hour to the tag because they know we’re going to be chatting and playing games.”

Actress Melissa O’Neil (who won season three of the singing competition show Canadian Idol) says that because of all the on-set conversations, the writers reduced the number of full-cast scenes over the seasons.

Clarkson ends the interview by congratulating the cast of The Rookie on their fifth season renewal, and Nathan Fillion asks if the singer would “do us the honor” of appearing in an episode of season five. Clarkson reluctantly agreed, “just so I can hang out.”

“The Rookie” actress Jenna Dewan appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show on the day of Clarkson’s “Rookie” appearance, and Clarkson shared a behind-the-scenes video of her day on set filming her guest appearance.

“I only interview actors that I’ve never dated,” Clarkson said, “so it’s interesting to see her in her role.”

The episode’s director, Tori Garrett, guided Clarkson through her blockage in the elevator, telling her that she simply had to remain standing in the elevator set while the rest of the cast materialized around her, and that whatever Clarkson had to do was react to her .

Though confident she could handle the small role, Clarkson admitted she was still “very nervous.” How sweaty somehow nervous. Oh my god, I’m putting on deodorant, kinda nervous.”

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