Thursday, January 26, 2023

Keith Urban survives Nicole Kidman and Jimmy Fallon’s “Flirt Fest” like a champ

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Jimmy Fallon is a veteran talk show host with hundreds of celebrity interviews. Still, he’s not immune to getting nervous from time to time. And whenever actor Nicole Kidman comes on his show, the presenter is guaranteed at least one embarrassing moment or two. A few years ago, Kidman brought up a past failed date for Fallon, embarrassing the host. Just a year after the iconic interview, Kidman returned to Fallon’s show, this time with her husband, singer Keith Urban. While fans might have assumed Urban would be annoyed by the brazen flirting, the singer proved he was simply amused.

It all started when Kidman stopped by Fallon’s late-night talk show in 2015. During the interview, she asked him if he remembered when they had met before. A mutual friend had set up the two stars. But Fallon spent the night mostly ignoring her in order to play a video game. He was shocked he missed the chance to date Kidman, while she joked that she thought he was “not interested” in her.

In a separate interview a year later, Kidman again mentioned that Fallon didn’t appear to have taken a step. As reported by Billboard, this second time she thought he would ask for her phone number, but didn’t. The two stars blushed at the memory, their innocent flirting resonating with viewers.

In her 2016 interview with Fallon, Kidman surprised the host. After telling Fallon that she brought Urban with her to the interview to look after her, the singer – who has been married to Kidman since 2006 – took the stage and strummed a guitar. Urban then sat in the chair next to Fallon’s hosting desk. He took Kidman on his lap and watched what was happening with amusement. Not only did Urban appear utterly unfazed by the slight romantic tension between Fallon and Kidman, but he also appeared genuinely calm and happy.

Those who invested in Fallon and Kidman’s story got a reward in 2021 when she returned to his show. As the Daily Mail reports, Fallon made Kidman blush by telling her she looked “gorgeous” in a sequined pantsuit. Kidman then teased Fallon by telling him that she only came to New York to see him.

It’s clear the two haven’t lost their affinity for one another. Fans can’t get enough and took to social media after the interview to share their thoughts on what one fan dubbed “The Fallon-Kidman FlirtFest.” According to the Daily Mail, one fan wrote: “It’s like watching two teenagers who know they like each other but are both afraid to speak up.”

Another wrote: “It still feels like she told him he missed an opportunity to date Nicole Kidman. The chemistry is always there.” While it’s possible for Fallon and Kidman to act out their friendship for the cameras, it’s easy to see that there’s real chemistry between the star and the talk show host.

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