Saturday, August 6, 2022

Katy Perry supports mom who failed ‘Idol’ auditions: ‘Pinch Myself Every Day!’

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Imagine failing through the first round of American Idol auditions only to end up with superstar Katy Perry, one of the show’s judges, signing you to her record label and appearing in your music video . Sounds like a Hollywood fairy tale, but it’s the true story of 29-year-old Cynthia Nabozny, better known as Cyn to her growing fan base.

On July 15, Cyn premiered the new music video for her song “House With a View,” in which Perry plays the wealthy homeowner who Cyn is said to be staying at the household overnight.

That’s how the new mom found her way into Perry’s heart and onto her record label…

Although Cyn – then Cynthia Nabozny, who lived in West Bloomfield, Michigan – didn’t make it past the first round of American Idol auditions, she gave up on her dreams of making it to Hollywood and getting the help of pop star Perry, not up.

Her dream of working with the star took shape in 2011 when she took part in Perry’s California Dreams concert tour. She reached out to Perry’s support act, DJ Skeet Skeet (real name: Trevor McFedries), who loved the young artist’s sound. He brought her to LA to work together, they developed a friendship and eventually she was introduced to Perry in 2015.

I found myself in Katy Perry’s living room playing my original music on a very colorful piano,” Cyn told Billboard in 2017. “It was absolutely surreal, but I had to wake up the next morning and tell myself it wasn’t a dream.”

A few months later, Cyn was signed to Perry’s UnSub Records label and eventually relocated to Los Angeles to release her debut album, Mood Swing, in early 2019. But she knew that supporting Perry wasn’t an automatic ticket to success. She told Vogue that year, “Katy has been an incredible support and resource to me, but she won’t be writing my music and she won’t help me make a great impression. It’s up to me.”

In 2020, Billboard named Cyn an “emerging artist to watch,” and she revealed the best advice she’s received from her superstar mentor. “One thing she keeps reminding me of is thinking about my friends back in Michigan and the way I grew up and writing for this girl instead of going to Hollywood and for this scene to write.”

Cyn’s life looks very different now than it did when her first album came out; She has gone from a single woman living in downtown LA to a suburban mom and stepmom (she has a year-old son Etienne with her fiancé Kyle Newman, who also has two sons with his ex-wife, actress Jaime King. Splits). . She revealed in an Instagram post on July 16 that she suffered “extreme postpartum depression” and can’t wait to tell the story of her evolution on a new album due out in late 2022.

Perry also has daughter Daisy, one year old, with actor Orlando Bloom, and loves Cyn’s ability to make everything – even motherhood – relatable in her catchy tunes. In a July 15 Rolling Stone story, Perry called Cyn a “sane songwriter and knows how to perfectly word the soundtrack to your late-night zillow scrolls, and a musical middle finger for this student loan life.”

Cyn put her own life into the track and came up with the idea for the track while washing another baby bottle and wishing for a better view out of her kitchen window, she told Rolling Stone. She wrote about wanting a “debt free mindset” and a trust fund for her son and thought Perry would make a great “rich b****” in the video.

The superstar enjoyed a cameo in “House With A View,” at the beginning of the video as she handed over the keys to her sprawling mansion, and again at the end when she discovers Cyn lives in her mansion. To promote the video’s release, she posted a series of Instagram photos of the two on set and wrote: “What are you doing with WOMAN this weekend? While doing so, listen to @cynthialovely’s “House with a View.”

Cyn still can’t believe her luck as she heads from the Detroit suburbs to Perry’s living room. “I feel like she pulled me out of the suburban obscurity and said, ‘I believe in what you’re doing and I’m going to help you with it,'” she told Rolling Stone. “I pinch myself every day. I could start crying now when I talk about it.”

In an Instagram post on July 15, following the release of the video and single, she wrote: “I’m thrilled with the response to HOUSE WITH A VIEW! I have so much to say about how grateful I am to everyone involved who helped move this plane down the runway – little girl Cyndi is so fulfilled rn. I still have so many specific shouts to make – but now THANK YOU SO MUCH team!!!!!!”

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