Saturday, June 25, 2022

Katie Maloney says an emotional goodbye to her home she shared with Tom Schwartz

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Katie Maloney got emotional as she moved out of her home.

Three months after the “Vanderpump Rules” star announced that she was divorcing her husband Tom Schwartz, she officially separated from him by moving out of their home in Valley Village, California. The ex-boyfriends bought the modern, farm-style home in 2019 for $1.925 million, according to, but they continued to live together even after the split.

On her You’ll Love Me podcast, Maloney, 35, told fans that living with her ex “wouldn’t be forever” and that they were in the process of getting the house ready to put on the market bring. For the past few weeks, she has been sharing photos of moving boxes as she packs up for the move.

On June 9, 2022, Maloney posted to Instagram to reveal that she had moved out of her home. The picture showed the Bravo star sitting on the wooden floors in the empty house. In the caption, she revealed that she was hurt as she ended this chapter of her life with Schwartz, who she dated for 12 years.

“I hate goodbyes,” Maloney wrote. “And this one hurts a lot. The emotions and words are difficult to grasp. Closing this chapter of my life feels like attending my own funeral. But I’m very much alive. Thank you house for being the coziest, brightest home, for the memories, for being my sanctuary, for letting me dress you like a typical movie set for Christmas, and for being OURS. I will miss coming home.”

Fans and celebrity friends reacted to Maloney’s emotional departure.

“I love you,” wrote Maloney’s best friend Stassi Schroeder

“You get it, you take it, nights are never forgotten!” added former VPR star Max Boyens.

Dayna Kathan also sent love to Maloney, and Scheana Shay and Charli Burnett posted heart emojis.

Maloney hasn’t shared a photo of her new apartment yet, but on the May 25, 2022 episode of the podcast Bachelor Happy Hour, she revealed that she was renting for a while. “We sell our house and then I move into an apartment,” she said. “Reduction. That’s great because I don’t want to make big commitments like buying a new house.”

“I just want to have a little space that’s mine and then take some time to figure out where I want to be long-term,” Maloney added. “Do I want to go to the beach, do I want to go to the east side?”

Before the move, Schwartz also got emotional about the house. In May 2022, Maloney even documented him one last time in a hot tub on the property. “Well, this is probably the last time I’m ever in here. I need to get a new hot tub,” the TomTom partner said in a video posted by his ex.

On June 5, Schwartz shared a series of nostalgic posts about the move on his Instagram story. The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ veteran shared photos of stacks of moving boxes while the ‘Nothing Really Matters’ line from Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ played in the background. He also posted a picture of Butter and Gordo VonFriendenheimer, the dogs he shares with Maloney, with the caption, “Children of Divorce.”

On the Relations *** podcast, Maloney revealed that she will continue to share custody of the puppies with Schwartz. “We have some from the same group of friends, and we have dogs that we will share custody of,” she said. “[Tom]s family to me and i will always love him so our friendship is very important to both of us.”

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