Monday, August 8, 2022

Kathy Hilton addresses feud rumors with sisters Kim & Kyle Richards

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Kathy Hilton cleared the air over rumors that she was feuding with her sisters Kim and Kyle Richards.

In 2021, Hilton joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as the “friend of” alongside her sister Kyle, who is a lead actor. Kim, who was on the show in the early seasons, is no longer a Real Housewives star.

Hilton’s first season on RHOBH was “Hunky Dory”. The socialite provided comic relief while sharing words of wisdom with her younger co-stars. But Season 12 was a different story. According to Page Six, there were rumors that during a girls’ trip to Aspen, Hilton freaked out and asked to go home.

The RHOBH Season 12 trailer also teased the sisters for a bumpy ride when co-star Lisa confronted Rinna Hilton for saying horrible things about Kyle. “You said some things about your beautiful sister… I’m sorry Kathy, you’re not going to get away with that,” Rinna said in the preview scene. A tearful Kyle then asked Hilton: “I have a feeling you hate me or something. How could you say those things?”

In recent interviews, Hilton has said she’s made things right with her youngest sister, Kyle, and that she “never” had a problem with Kim. While she didn’t reveal what happened between her and Kyle, Hilton admitted that she shouldn’t have talked behind her back.

“I should never have said anything about my sister Kyle or anyone,” she told E! News.

In a July 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hilton revealed that her fight with Kyle came after she got off a flight to New York and was overly tired.

“You know, I had said some things out of frustration that I personally felt,” she told the outlet. “I said some things I shouldn’t have said.”

As Rinna entered, Hilton noted that she believes she had “good intentions” and was just “trying to help.” Hilton also made it clear that she would never argue with her middle sister, Kim.

“That’s a rumor I’d like to clear up — Kim and I never had an issue,” she revealed. “I mean, like all sisters, we had a little bit here and there… but we get along very, very well.”

Kyle Richards recently admitted that some of the “hardest” scenes she’s filmed for RHOBH have been with her sisters. In addition to upcoming issues with Hilton, which will air in season 12 of RHOBH, she came out with Kim as an alcoholic during the show’s first season during a fight in a limousine.

“When my sister Kim was there, it was great, and then it was horrible,” she said, according to The Daily Mail in a July 2022 interview. “For me, that was one of the worst times on the show ever. With Kathy, I thought, ‘This is going to be great, we’re going to have fun.’ And we really did that last season. And of course something happened this season, but we’re sisters, we’re blood, so at the end of the day we’ll always get back together.”

During a July 2022 episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Kyle told host Andy Cohen that it was the sudden death of her childhood best friend, Lorene Shea, that brought her and her siblings back together. “Oddly enough, this whole situation of losing my best friend Lorene has led my sisters and I to start talking again because they’ve also known Lorene since she was seven,” Richards said. “So you know life works in weird ways.”

When Cohen asked her to clarify her “talking again” comment, she explained, “[Kathy and I] had a small dry spell after the season. And Kim, we have good spots and rough spots here and there, as you may have heard… but we’re all you know, we’re in a good spot right now.

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