Friday, August 12, 2022

Kathryn Dennis torn by fans for ‘disgusting’ behavior

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Southern Charm Season 8 is well underway and in Episode 3 Kathryn Dennis experienced a breakup with boyfriend Chleb Ravenell, but for many fans it wasn’t the couple’s breakup that caught their attention, it was the food that Dennis cooked when they broke up.

Before Ravenell came to their house, Dennis was seen making meatballs and putting them in the oven. After arriving, Dennis placed the meatballs and a gravy on what appeared to be either pasta, rice, or potatoes and served the meal. Many fans were confused as to what exactly Dennis had cooked, but some others called out the Bravo star on her meat-handling practices, which included her preparing the raw meat with her long nails while still wearing her jewelry wore and had a bandage on her finger.

One person created a Reddit thread with the caption, “I know we’ve all been talking about the food Kathryn made, but…did we talk about the band-aid + the rings in the flesh?” The thread along with several drew a lot of criticism of the OG “Southern Charm” from others on the platform.

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The Redditor who created the thread shared a photo of Dennis’ hands while preparing the raw meat, which showed she had a bandage on one finger, long nails and multiple rings. She was also wearing a white sweater and didn’t have her sleeves rolled up. “Oh god just know she kept wearing that patch,” one wrote.

One person said: “How much meat is she storing under those claws for later?” Another said: “Not to mention all the other potential things that could be under that nail. ROUGH! Good thing nobody ate that meal.” Someone commented, “And the nails and the WOODEN CUTTING BOARD WITH RAW MEAT! …and the outfit and her concealer and the concealer in her HAIR! good sir.”

One person said: “If you put raw meat on a wooden board (I wouldn’t recommend it, by the way), you should bleach it afterwards to disinfect it. But I promise you she hasn’t.” One person said, “All the germs under her nails, in the rings, those long sleeves… I can’t understand why she doesn’t roll up her sleeves, and she’s f*cking wearing times white.”

Someone said what she did was “absolutely disgusting”. Plenty of other “Southern Charm” fans called out the meal herself, which she made, and one person asked about it on another Reddit thread. One person said, “I don’t know what it is, it looks like maybe some ketchup and barbecue sauce, yuk.” was so distracted.”

In another Reddit thread, someone said, “What was that? It looked like Campbells tomato soup mixed with barbecue sauce drizzled over some kind of macaroni?” Another person said, “I loved the shadowy zoom in on what looked like a Heinz tomato ketchup over rice pilaf situation . All the good cookware is used for free.” Another thread said it looked “so bad” and “so gross”.

Dennis and Ravenell ended their relationship on camera during “Southern Charm” Season 8 Episode 3. The two had a huge argument and Ravenell left their home together and stayed away for several days before filming for the dinner scene in the episode returned 3.

The couple had a conversation about their relationship, in which Ravenell admitted that her custody battle with Thomas Ravenel made him “retire.” After Dennis told him she didn’t think the relationship would work, Ravenell left the apartment. After the episode aired, he revealed in an interview that the cameras likely hastened their breakup by shedding light on their issues.

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