Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Kassandra Muhr: Sydney boating accident victim wrote days before death about becoming a ghost

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Kassandra, a German expat in Australia, died in a collision with her boyfriend’s boat last week

Kassandra “Kaysy” Muhr, 20, shared on her Instagram account days before her death, which now seems eerie. Kaysy, as her loved ones called her, was very interested in boats and sailing and was in the process of refurbishing a 29ft yacht before colliding with another vessel. The other ship is believed to have been piloted by her boyfriend Kobi, 19. Kobi is also critical at the moment; However, Kaysy was found unresponsive on her boat shortly after the accident. The incident happened last Sunday at Elinva Bay in Pittwater, Australia.

The 20-year-old is “passionate” about boats and the ocean and had set up a Pittwater Pirate Instagram account to document her boat renovation and modification journey. Her first post read, “I thought as a girl with a huge passion for boats and the sea, as well as fixing things, it might be fun to follow the conversion of my 28ft yacht Eric.”

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This was her first time refurbishing the boat, and she let her followers know every time she did something significant with it.
She also spoke about fixing the navigation lights to improve the boat’s visibility late at night, a week before her death. However, the eeriness comes after the “prognosis” of her death on her social media handle. She captioned a picture of her dragging Eric: “If you see a ghost (in blue Haines) flying over Pittwater, I’m probably covered in dust.” This particular post made it to her page on June 28, 2022.

Born in Germany, Kaysy went to Australia for a short holiday but ended up living there for the last three years. Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, her mother said she was not pleased with Kaysy’s decision to remain in Australia but was relieved as she was surrounded by people who loved her. “She always told us to visit her so she could show us why she fell in love with Australia,” her mother said, adding that she was glad her daughter “died doing what she loved ‘ and left part of her soul in Australia herself.

The second victim, Kobi, is being treated at the Royal North Shore Hospital. The exact timeline of events is still unclear, and Detective Superintendent Murray Reynolds is still conducting an investigation into the collision. “We have yet to understand exactly what happened, but the ships may have been going in opposite directions,” he added.

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It is speculated that the collision occurred in a 5m roundabout and both vessels were recovered as part of the rescue operation. “This was a major mobilization of emergency services in very difficult circumstances – pitch black, over cold water, in a very inaccessible location,” NSW Ambulance Inspector Christie Marks said of the operation. Other key details like the prospect of drivers Kaysy and Kobi being under the influence or intoxicated are also being investigated.

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