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Kanye West starred in an erotic film during a meeting with Adidas


Kanye West has expanded his work beyond the music world over the years, breaking into the fashion world with his Yeezy clothing line and collaborations with brands like Gap and Adidas. In a new documentary released by West, the rapper shared a glimpse of a meeting he had with apparel conglomerate Adidas – and West starred in an adult film during the meeting.

Kanye West’s Yeezy clothing line dates back to 2015 and was developed in collaboration with Adidas. In fact, the official name of the brand was Adidas Yeezy. Over the years, Adidas Yeezy has released several different styles of shoes, as well as shirts, jackets, sweatpants, socks, mules and even lingerie.

In 2020, Yeezy announced another partnership with Gap. The Yeezy Gap arrangement was designed to last 10 years and included many different fashion collaborations during that time. However, Kanye was unhappy with the deal and attempted to end it. In September 2022, Gap announced they were ending the partnership.

In October 2022, amid controversy over wearing a “White Lives Matter” t-shirt at his Yeezy fashion show and posting anti-Semitic comments online, Kanye released a 30-minute YouTube documentary titled Last week.

A scene in the film chronicles a meeting between Kanye and two Adidas executives, including Chief Creative Officer Alasdhair Willis. The meeting took place the day after Kanye ended his partnership with Gap in September 2022.

At some point during the meeting, Kanye pulls out his cell phone, plays an adult film on it, and shows it to one of the Adidas executives. “Is this a porn film?” asks one of the men, and when West confirmed this, the man replied, “Jesus Christ.” West joked that the man in the film sounded like one of the men in the room, while the manager answered the phone from his face away and West pleaded uncomfortably, “Come on man.”

West didn’t choose to play an adult movie just for fun during a business meeting; The rapper wanted to make it clear how he sees the future of the partnership with Adidas Yeezy. “You guys have wronged the company, the business and the partnership,” he said.

One of the other men in the clip, who appeared to be part of West’s team, explained why West showed them the adult video. “What you’re feeling right now is extreme discomfort, and that’s the point,” he said. “If someone steals this man’s ideas, his creations, it’s like stealing a child. They’re all offspring of his mind, and you kidnapped them.” West later demanded that one of his employees be named the company’s CEO.

Kanye eventually stormed out of the meeting and told Adidas executives they regretted crossing West and his vision. Adidas announced in October 2022 that its partnership with Yeezy, which was set to run until 2026, would be reviewed following its White Lives Matter t-shirt stunt.

For his part, West has not silenced his dissatisfaction with Adidas. That Last week clip was far from the first time West aired his grievances towards the company, including allegations of stealing his designs.

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