Monday, November 28, 2022

Kailyn Lowry’s former boyfriend claims ‘Teen Mom’ leaked Chelsea Houska’s secret

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Kailyn Lowry’s former boyfriend, known online as Darcy, aired some of the Teen Mom star’s dirty laundry after a fight. It’s not clear what caused the friendship to end, but Darcy said she spoke out after Kail posted some “hurtful” messages online and on one of her podcasts.

In a fiery allegation, Darcy hinted that Kail is the one who informed The Ashley Reality’s Roundup about Chelsea Houska’s lawsuit.

Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer are being sued for more than $3 million by their former consulting firm Envy Branding LLC. Chelsea and Cole counter, with both sides claiming money made from promotions on social media has been withheld from them. Envy first filed the lawsuit in April 2020, around the same time Chelsea stepped out of her role on Teen Mom. The story didn’t leak out until the following year.

Darcy didn’t refer to Chelsea by name, but she did talk about her family and leaving the show.

“I think she’s fine,” Darcy said of Chelsea. “She is married and now has about 10 children. I do not know. I’ve lost count. But she’s not on the show anymore.”

Chelsea have never publicly commented on the lawsuit. It wasn’t immediately clear if she confided in Kail about the legal drama.

Darcy didn’t think it was a coincidence when Kail told her about Chelsea’s lawsuit and the next day, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup featured a story about it.

“There was a situation… I remember [Kail] telling me it’s not fair that people are after me and that person is being sued… and nobody is talking about it,” Darcy said. “That’s how we came into play. Because the very next day this information was in the blogs.”

“The next day that shit was on it,” Darcy said, referring to The Ashley.

Darcy made a variety of allegations against Kail, saying she was pregnant, sending Darcy nude photos and accusing the former “Teen Mom” ​​star of being a liar first and foremost. Kail has repeatedly told her fans that she is not pregnant and speculation about her next baby has been nothing more than fat-shaming.

Heavy reached out to Kail’s rep to comment on the situation, but they did not respond.

Darcy’s claim implying that Kail leaked The Ashley’s Reality Roundup was echoed by Jenelle Evans. She claimed Kail and The Ashley exchanged money and were friends.

“How many times have I told you that @TheAshleysRR and Kail are friends and send stuff to each other on Venmo? That’s how I found out Allegedly, Kail passed things on to The Ashley for years. Be careful who your friends are.” she tweeted on 11/19

Ashley denied the claim.

“Detective Jenelle – nobody sends anyone anything about Venmo or whatever you’ve ‘found’ in your detective work. Don’t quit your job! oh wait a minute” they tweeted.

In June 2021, Kail distributed NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) to her friends and family members. According to Darcy, she was one of those people who signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Darcy agreed with fans who thought the situation was strange. “You’re right. It’s weird. I’m weird. It’s stupid,” she said of signing non-disclosure agreements.

Darcy claimed she went live on Instagram because she was labeled as obsessive.

“I did this live because she shoots at me on her podcasts. She allows people to call me an obsessive fan, even though she knows that’s not the case,” Darcy said of Kail. “She downplays everything and I hate that.”

Darcy hinted that she might not know everything. “Take the things I say lightly because she lied to me for two years,” she said, referring to the “Teen Mom” ​​star. “She contributed to my trauma and that’s something I have to deal with.”

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