Sunday, August 7, 2022

Kailyn Lowry shares Big 1st for Son Creed & Fans Go Wild

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“Teen Mom” ​​star Kailyn Lowry took to Instagram on July 28 to share a video about one of her sons, and fans couldn’t get enough of it. Apparently, it was time for their youngest son, Creed, to get his first professional haircut, and it looked like he did a phenomenal job surviving the experience.

Here’s what you need to know:

The still from Lowry’s Instagram video showed her holding Creed in the chair while the barber worked on cutting his hair. The little boy looked quite worried about what was happening and it seemed like a few tears shed. Lowry smiled as she wrapped her arms around her youngest son and someone else, apparently the one filming, reached out to hold Creed’s hand while the barber went about his work. When one fan commented, “Poor baby looks terrified to get his haircut,” Lowry replied, “He did,” with some sad emojis.

Luckily, Creed survived his first professional cut and was radiant afterwards. Lowry filmed him grabbing a cotton candy and grinning. He had cotton candy all over his nose and mouth, obviously digging right into his treat when he got his hands on it. Lowry told him to turn around to show off his big boy haircut and he happily complied.

Quite a few Teen Mom fans were stunned when they saw how grown up Creed looked in this video. “That’s not Creed?” asked one fan. Lowry replied, “Sure it is!! He’s about to turn 2!”

“Okay stoppppp, he’s grown up in no time. I’m over here thinking he’s still a baby ahaha! Pretty boys kail!” remarked another supporter.

“You are such a great mom!!! All your boys are so beautiful, sweet and well behaved,” commented another.

“When did he suddenly become a little man,” read another comment.

Back in January, Lowry shared photos of Creed on Instagram in which he still had loose, slightly long curls. However, in early February, Creed’s birth father, Chris Lopez, cut the boy’s hair himself. The cut came right after Lowry spent a significant amount of money at Ulta stocking up on products specifically for Creed’s hair. Lopez has previously done something similar to the ex-couple’s other son, Lux. When Lopez first cut Creed’s hair, Lowry mostly kept his mouth shut.

When a fan asked in the comments of the new video why Lowry cut Creed’s hair short but kept Lux’s hair long, the Teen Mom star replied, “I didn’t want his hair cut. His dad did and still does.” Several people shared similar experiences they’ve had with their own exes, and a few fans suggested that Lowry should further discuss haircuts in the couple’s custody agreement, um Preventing Lowry from making them himself. While Lowry Creed’s hair wanted longer, Teen Mom fans clearly agreed that the toddler looked pretty and quite grown up while still remaining as cute as can be.

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