Wednesday, May 11, 2022

‘Just gross’: Azealia Banks says ‘jealous’ Lady Gaga wanted her to FEET with Nicki Minaj

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The conversation came into the picture when a fan suggested Lady Gaga and Azealia Banks should work together

Azealia Banks has been pretty vocal when it comes to expressing her feelings towards Lady Gaga. The singer once again didn’t hesitate to smack the Poker Face singer in her recent series of tweets. On May 9, Sunday, Banks hinted at how Gaga wanted to create drama between her and Nicki Minaj.

Though there were no receipts shared by Banks, the conversation came into the picture when a fan suggested Gaga and Azealia should work together. At the time, Banks was ranting on her Twitter timeline. She said, “Ultimately, no. This woman has zero respect for black women. I can never respect her for literally asking me to argue with Nicki Minaj on her behalf, I decline and send a less inflammatory song implying Nicki would spill *human blood* (fucking eye roll).”


Banks continued, “How her deep jealousy and hatred of Nicki Minaj and the sneaky shit she said and tried to do behind the scenes was just disgusting to match.” I will never take a white woman’s bid for her. TUH.” In another tweet, she said, “Gays have been falling in love with their hodgepodge pseudo-Bs for years. At least Lana has the balls to admit that she’s an American lynch mob romantic allied with water fountains for whites only.”

Banks also said, “To openly admit the decades-long queen of reinvention (Madonna), the perpetually iconic queen of effortless style, grace, beauty, resilience and class (Aaliyah), tried to distract Beyoncé during rehearsal while sister literally.” less is iconic Ace of Base tribute act.” Another tweet read, “Then she disregards the legendary LAURIE ANN GIBSON who is one of the main architects of her early legacy while preaching equality/tolerance. How can you have the nerve .”

However, this isn’t the first time a feud has erupted between the two. Back in 2013, Azealia claimed Lady Gaga stole the Red Flame name from her. She said: “Make sure you let them know where you got the red flame title from. You stole it from the demo I sent you. you can have him . I’ll charge next time.”

Millennials reacted quickly and made memes about this frenzy. One said: “7am beef between Azealia Banks and Lady Gaga we won’t find peace this week.”

Recalling 2013, this user said, “Azealia Banks is currently doing Lady Gaga on Twitter. We are back in 2013.”

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