Friday, January 20, 2023

‘Just be like them’: Jesse Eisenberg is glad his son Banner is ‘acting’ like his wife Anna Strout.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: Jesse Eisenberg loves the role of playing the father in real life. The talented actor – who wears a director’s hat on ‘When You Finish Saving the World’ – was asked if he referenced the storyline involving his own son Banner, the ‘Zombieland’ star said he was ‘both scared I have no autonomy from my child being pregnant, and I’m so grateful when he displays different personality traits than I do.” Eisenberg, whose film centers on the relationship between a mother and her influencer teenager, explained, “I just prayed, probably like many parents please don’t have all the things i hate about myself. I married an amazing woman, I pray just be like her, just be like her, please just be like her in everything. And for the most part, he’s going in the direction that’s the better choice.”

Present at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival event to support the Hummingbird Project, Eisenberg spoke about being a father: “I don’t think I care less about my work or like it less — in a way Wisely, I like it more because it’s my only chance to get away for a few minutes!” He added, “But I think if people have any unconscious desire to be immortal at all, maybe that sense of immortality will spread to others Explained more wisely by their children than by their work, so maybe it takes the pressure off that.”


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Eisenberg married the love of his life, Anna Strout, almost a decade ago, but they split in 2012. They later managed to get back together and were spotted together during a basketball game in 2017. Back in 2011, the ‘Now You See Me’ actor revealed he’s only dated Strout, revealing what makes her so special to him: “I find people who want to help other people most interesting.”

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