Monday, August 8, 2022

just a kid Emmerdale fans break down in tears as schoolgirl Amelia Spencer makes a heartbreaking pregnancy decision

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EMMERDALE fans are crying for Amelia Spencer after she decides to have an abortion.

The schoolgirl – who is played by actress Daisy Campbell in the ITV soap – is secretly pregnant and has been scared of what to do about it for the last week.

But after she was caught breaking into Home Farm and trying to find a visitation order from Noah, Amelia was unlucky.

Kim was fully supportive of Gabby and revealed Amelia’s visits to Noah – and her crime.

She told Dan her two resignations were now until midnight – and had to get out or Amelia would be arrested.

Harriet walked in and asked her to move in with her, and during the move Dan got emotional.

“It’s not self-pity,” Dan replied after Harriet found him crying in her living room.

“I’m just mad at myself for the mess I’ve caused by abandoning my own daughter.

“I’m her father and I knew she was mysterious, but I let her put me off when I should have asked more questions.

“I could have stopped it all. Not just the weight gain, but the Noah thing. Nipped it in the bud before Kim and Gabby went ahead and made us homeless.

“Things definitely have to change. The sooner we put this sad mess behind us the better.”

Amelia broke down, pulled out her phone and dialed a clinic.

“Hello,” she said, sobbing.

“Can I book an appointment? I need to have an abortion.”

The spectators cried for the schoolgirl.

One wrote: “Who is the father of Amelia’s baby???”

A second said: “Well that’s not very Christian Amelia”

Another added: “🥲🥲🥲🥲 bless her”

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