Saturday, October 1, 2022

Julian Payne: Former aide calls ‘real boss’ Queen Consort Camilla company’s ‘biggest secret weapon’

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Julian Payne said Camilla “didn’t actively fight for her new title” because she believed it would happen “if it was meant to be”.

LONDON, ENGLAND: A former aide has dubbed Camilla the “true boss” and claimed the King has significant influence over the decisions King Charles makes. Julian Payne, who served as communications secretary to Charles, 73, and Camilla from 2016 to 2021, wrote in The Times that the Queen Consort “may [the Firm’s] greatest secret weapon.” He justified his comment by saying that prior to meeting Camilla, he was informed he would not be appointed unless he received her approval, including for his own employment, which requires the 75-year-old’s approval – old as well as her husband the monarch.

Julian also explained that the Queen Consort “didn’t actively fight for their new title” because they believed it would happen “if it were to be,” despite playing a crucial role in the decision-making process. After the death of Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral on September 8, Camilla assumed the title of Queen Consort and appeared in public with King Charles on numerous occasions.


The former aide said he believes Queen Consort will thrive in her new position because she “fully respects the role and the institution, but doesn’t keep her feet on the ground at the expense of her own feet,” saying that the Queen ” does not take itself”. Serious.”

He added: “Despite the many people over the years who have stated that ‘Project Queen Camilla’ was a long held goal within the household, I can assure you that there has never been a great master plan for this issue with the Queen Consort herself, she just stared at you like a sphinx and didn’t really give you any idea of ​​what she thought on the subject. He continued: “She certainly never directed me to do anything to further the argument, and neither has the king. Much like her broader work, she just had a feeling that if it was going to happen it would happen, but it was never a role that she actively championed.”

The former assistant explained that as Camilla fulfills her new role, her devotion to her husband and her service to the country will “perhaps even see her emerge with the respect and affection she well deserves.”

Queen Consort Camilla has reportedly carried out her new duties despite having a broken toe and in excruciating pain. According to reports from The Daily Telegraph, Camilla suffered the injury shortly before Queen Elizabeth II’s death. Despite her agony, she has “moved on” with her royal duties and has supported the king through this time of sorrow and grief. “It’s unfortunate timing, to say the least, but she was an absolute bunch,” the source added. Camilla has avoided using crutches or wearing special comfort shoes despite having a broken toe. She wore a pair of black leather pumps with wide, mid-heeled heels at Wednesday’s procession for the Queen’s unveiling.

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