Monday, November 29, 2021

Journee Nelson: Video of Florida girl, 9, who beats a robber to save her mother goes viral

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Danielle Mobley was out shopping in West Palm Beach with her daughter Journee Nelson when a surveillance camera found the mother being attacked by a criminal

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA: Florida police honored a 9-year-old child for his courage in defending his mother during a daylight robbery. On November 2, Danielle Mobley went shopping in West Palm Beach with her daughter Journee Nelson. Then the surveillance camera caught the mother being attacked by a criminal who was trying to steal her wallet.

Instead of being frightened, the little child rushed off to save his mother from the attacker. The violent robber was beaten by Journee. The footage, which has gone viral, shows how the robber Demetrius Jackson, 29, storms the mother, grabs her wallet and escapes. What the mugger didn’t understand was the ghost of brave little Journee, who slapped him in the face before knocking the girl to the ground. He ran away from the crime scene and the brave 9 year old girl chased him through four houses before catching up with him. Earlier this year, two teenagers, Aaron and Jamal, were on a chance drive in their town of Kaufman County, Texas, when they saw an “attractive” young woman sitting in a car. But after a short time they noticed that the woman was asking for help. The couple started following the vehicle, called 911 and helped her.


“We fought over the wallet. He pushed me to the ground,” said Journee’s mother, Danielle, to WSVN. While he was reaching for his belt, the suspect Mobley reportedly threatened to let go of her wallet or “you will make me pop you”. Then 9-year-old Journee decided between fight or flight for fight. “I resisted. I had to save my mother, ”explained Journee. A cell phone, multiple bank cards, a Coach wallet, cash, and Mobley’s undercover carry permit were among the items stolen from her purse. Suspect Jackson was identified and arrested two days after the crime. He was charged with robbery and battery. West Palm Beach Police presented the little hero with a medal and certificate on Thursday, November 25th.

“We walked out of the store and then I gave him a little look and then I looked back at the car and then I opened my door. And the next thing I saw him running towards my mom,” said Journee when she got on the show “Fox & Friends Weekend” invited.

“I bet he was shocked when she kicked him right in the face because he could definitely see on the video that he wasn’t expecting this and her actions were perfect in this particular situation and I think she pretty much got him hit hard.” West Palm Beach Police Chief Frank Adderly said.

“Chief Adderley honored a 9-year-old child for bravery today when he ran in his mother’s defense to fend off a brazen robber. In this case, a #arrest was quickly made. The West Palm Beach Police Foundation presented the child with a token of appreciation “West Palm Beach Police Department’s official Twitter handle tweeted.

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