Monday, January 23, 2023

Josh McKee opens up about his ‘private life’ after Mackenzie’s tweet.

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Former “Teen Mom” ​​star Josh McKee posted a cryptic message on Instagram saying people are too preoccupied with his personal life. The post came after his estranged wife Mackenzie Douthit Mckee tweeted about their new relationship.

Lowery posted a tongue-in-cheek video to Instagram saying that she and McKee are no longer together. McKee happened to be lying in bed next to her when she took the picture.

“I got so many messages and comments, and yes you are right,” Lowery said, according to a recording posted to Reddit. “Me and Josh have gone our separate ways. It was totally mutual…”

She then rotated the camera so viewers could see McKee. “We’re fine, right Josh?” She asked him. “Yes!” he answered.

“So I hope that answers all of your questions,” Lowery said at the end.

Douthit moved on with her new boyfriend Khesanio Hall.

In a since-deleted tweet, Douthit claimed people made judgments about Hall — ones they never would have made about McKee.

“Funny how people in my new relationship warn me about things he might do,” she wrote, according to a screenshot on Reddit. “Those things are ALL my ex-husband did. All because of his outward appearance. But nobody warned me about it when I was dating a fellow white man.”

Douthit has a “soft start” her boyfriend in December 2022 sharing a cryptic message and a picture that showed half of Hall’s face.

“Listen…I know I said I’m going to be single for a year. But I lie sometimes and…..” she tweeted.

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