Monday, June 27, 2022

Josh Brolin interviews himself for Actors on Actors

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Jeremy Renner praised Josh Brolin for saving her Actors on Actors interview after Renner couldn’t make it.

Brolin humorously interviewed himself for the diversity Series with a clever cut. “When his planned #ActorsOnActors partner didn’t show up at the last minute, Josh Brolin took matters into his own hands and interviewed himself.” diversity tweeted on Monday (June 13).

Renner responded to his Instagram Story, writing alongside a clip from the interview, “I got stuck in a snow storm… and let my good man down.” “But he crushed it like he always does,” he said hawk eye Added a star along with three love heart emojis.

The interview shows Brolin falling asleep while the other Brolin talks about Denis Villeneuve’s Oscar nudge dune.

Elsewhere, the actor joked that he doesn’t feel any competition from his 28-year-old daughter, Eden Brolin (who stars in the hit series). yellowstone) but his one-year-old and three-year-old because they are “trying to take the spotlight away from him.”

“I take them to school, and if I’m walking down the street and someone says, ‘Hey man, I love your work,’ then it’s all worth it to me. But right now there was a lot, like, ‘Oh my god, what a cute little kid,’ and I was like, ‘Hello?'”

The last Actors on Actors talk was between Jeremy Strong and Anne Hathaway. In it, Hathaway revealed the moment Strong admitted he needed “to catch his breath” after staying in his role for weeks during filming serenity together. Strong, meanwhile, expressed his distaste for directors shouting “Action!”

Diversity’s Actors on Actors series can be viewed in full on Apple TV+.

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