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Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camille Vasquez was hailed as ‘the queen’ after BRUTAL barbequeing by Amber Heard

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Amid the courtroom drama, Johnny Depp’s attorney, Camille Vasquez, has gained a cult following on social media

Camille Vasquez, part of Johnny Depp’s legal team representing him against Amber Heard in a Virginia court, has been hailed as the “queen” after apparently grilling the 36-year-old actress during her testimony. Depp and his former actress are currently embroiled in a defamation lawsuit brought by the 58-year-old actor after a 2018 op-ed by Heard was published in The Washington Post.

The ‘Aquaman’ actress described herself as a domestic violence survivor in the essay without naming Depp. But his lawyers believed the comment was about him and are suing them for $50 million. Heard is suing the actor for $100 million. Now each party is trying to prove in court that they were the victims while the other was the perpetrator in the relationship.


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Depp first testified in court after the trial began on April 11. After him, Heard had the chance to tell her side of the story, including several disturbing alleged incidents in which she suffered both sexual and physical abuse from the ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ star, to whom she was married for less than two years . The duo divorced in 2016.

But on May 5, the Virginia court, where the trial is ongoing, took a break for a few days because Judge Penney Azcarate had to attend a pre-scheduled conference. On Monday, May 16, the much-discussed defamation trial resumed and Vasquez continued to grill Heard on Monday and Tuesday. She asked the ‘The Rum Diary’ actress some very difficult questions while also accusing her of “making sexual assault allegations, editing a photo of herself in May 2016 with a red spot on her face, “jealous” of Depp to be and to do it verbally. She abused her ex-husband on multiple occasions,” reported The Daily Beast.

The cross-examination reportedly included many tense moments between Vasquez and Heard, who again insisted their comment was not about Depp. She told the court: “It’s about me. It’s about what happened to me after Johnny. It’s about what happened to me after I got out of my marriage. It’s about me and my life and what I had to endure as I moved on and got a TRO and moved on with my life. It was about what happened to me afterwards. Ironically, the only one who went after him was Johnny.”

But that didn’t seem to bother the attorney, who slammed Heard by saying, “An ongoing negative publicity campaign? You have no evidence of it,” after the actress claimed, “There was an ongoing smear campaign, an orchestrated smear campaign.”

Amidst all the drama in the courtroom, however, Vasquez has achieved her own fame and a cult following among Johnny Depp fans. One fan tweeted: “👑Queen Camille The Great 👏👏👏 #camillevasquez #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard #JohnnyDepptrial #johnnydepp #AmberHeard.”

In a tweet praising her, attorney Kathleen Zellner noted, “Camille Vasquez is the unrivaled star of the Depp trial. Her measured tone, her succinct questions, her absolute command of the facts and her clear trust in her clients are to be commended. #Truth wins.”

One tweet read: “Camille Vasquez makes me wish I had gone to law. She is a real BADASS and a hero!”

“As they say here in the southern United States, ‘A true lady always has a steel hand in a velvet glove – always graceful, always kind, even when it comes to being firm.’ How to be a lady, Camille! You are a star!!” added another tweet.

Juda Engelmayer, who was a spokesman for Harvey Weinstein during his sexual assault and rape trial, also commented on Vasquez. Engelmayer told The Daily Beast: “Johnny Depp is winning on social media – so his lawyer is doing the same. In the past, women who have defended men accused of sex crimes have faced online hate. But Camille Vasquez seems to have benefited from Johnny’s praise.” He added, “At the end of the day, it’s about the kindness. People always want to love Johnny Depp. He’s been there for 35 years. If he supports someone, these people want to support him.”

Attorney Donna Rotunno, who defended Weinstein in his New York trial, added, “People are so willing to jump on a bandwagon because people don’t worry about being canceled for it. It’s an uphill battle for Amber Heard because the public doesn’t like her — and even likes Johnny Depp’s attorney more. That must be messing with your head a bit.”

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