Saturday, June 25, 2022

Johnny Depp fans believe Amber Heard’s attorney is SCREWED to text evidence after shocking discovery

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Heard’s attorney, Benjamin Rottenborn, raised eyebrows on Wednesday after he presented messages from February 2017 that he said were sent by Depp

Johnny Depp fans have claimed that the text messages, in which the actor appeared to say that a woman’s genitals are “lawfully mine,” were not sent by him as they were marked as “incoming.”

Amber Heard’s attorney, Benjamin Rottenborn, raised eyebrows on Wednesday, May 25 after presenting messages from February 2017 that he said were sent by Depp to a former personal assistant. The courtroom argument between exes is expected to end on Friday, May 27. Depp, 58, is seeking more than $50 million in damages over a 2018 Washington Post op-ed in which Heard, 36, claimed to be a domestic violence survivor. While the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star was not mentioned in the article, his attorneys argued that the ramifications were obvious and hurt their client’s career prospects. Heard has countersued for $100 million.


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As previously mentioned, Rottenborn produced a series of text messages he claimed were sent by Depp to a former personal assistant. “Molly’s p—- is MINE by rights!!!!” Depp reportedly wrote. “Shouldn’t I just storm in and remove the hinges tonight???” The attorney quizzed the ‘Donnie Brasco’ star about the news amid a heated argument during his libel trial with his ex-wife.

“You said before that if you want to have sex with a woman, she’s ‘rightfully yours,’ right?” Rottenborn asked, referring to graphic text messages describing sex.

“That’s ridiculous,” Depp replied.

“You’ve also said that in terms of women you want to be with, you’ve noticed, ‘I need, I want, I take,'” Heard’s attorney continued.

“Equally ridiculous,” Depp replied, denying sending the lyrics. Instead, he claimed Heard’s attorney may have “screwed up” the lyrics. “You could have written it last night,” Depp said.

“I can assure you I didn’t type it last night,” Rottenborn replied.

Meanwhile, Depp also said he “doesn’t know who Molly is” when commenting on Wednesday.

While Depp’s own lawyers offered no evidence or suggested the text messages were tampered with, observant fans on social media pointed out a glaring discrepancy that may have gone unnoticed.

“The messages Amber Heard’s team read to Johnny Depp, which he denied, ARE NOT HIS. For example, here is a message that belongs to him. She goes OFF. The others are going IN,” one tweeted.

“Can someone explain this to me because I’m either stupid or it’s a glaring error? Did Amber Heard’s team try to get Johnny Depp to admit he sent a text message on his phone marked as ‘incoming’ instead of ‘outgoing’? #JusticeForJohnnyDeep #DeppVsHeard,” wrote another.

“How did Amber Heard’s legal team mix that up? These messages are TO Johnny Depp, not FROM Johnny Depp. The direction is IN, not OUT. You’re in a hurry and now you’re scratching at straws. Too bad”, a comment read.

“Looks more like a message #AmberHeard sent trying to set up #JohnnyDepp! Make it look like it’s his texts, but forget that we can see “Incoming” (received) instead of sent! Look at the language used! want, I need…'” offered someone else.

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