Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Joe Gorga pulled after controversial video finishes

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Joe Gorga is being dragged onto social media after TMZ shared a controversial video of him. The ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star filmed himself evicting a tenant who was ‘not paying the rent’.

The video was taken about a month after Gorga filmed himself attacking a tenant for not paying the rent.

“This is what happens when you don’t pay your rent,” Gorga said in the video, keeping his phone trained on a sheriff who was with him. “You get locked out,” he added, saying he won’t show the tenant’s face. Gorga had a locksmith come to the apartment to change the locks and he took the new keys.

“Now you have to go and your things are all stuck in the apartment,” Gorga said. He later turned the camera around so he could be on screen. “That’s how it works,” he said, smiling while holding up the new keys. Gorga said the tenant hadn’t paid rent for four years. His attorney told TMZ that the tenant hasn’t paid rent since October 2018 and “still owes Joe…nearly $50,000.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Shortly after TMZ shared the video online, fans took to Reddit to criticize Gorga for filming the business he had to take care of. Most people agreed that Gorga had every right to evict his tenant, especially after he wasn’t paid for four years, but several “Real Housewives” fans disagreed with Gorga filming the ordeal.

“This guy 100% deserves to be evicted but the social media making fun of it makes Joe look even smaller than we know he is 😉 Joe has the power to give the guy a bad report to give to future landlords, and I understand why he would do that… but publish it for the whole world? For what reason? To pump up Joe’s ego? Big tingling,” read one comment.

“He’s so gross for it. Sure, kick the guy out for not paying rent, but what the heck is it when he picks it up and is so upset about it?” someone else asked.

“Ew deserves it or not, what an embarrassing power trip. Look how much he enjoyed it,” added a third person.

“What Joe is doing is right (under US law I assume?) if you don’t pay rent you’re in trouble fair enough a rule is a rule but which isn’t very nice and makes him look like a joke is for filming it and mocking these people,” read another.

Meanwhile, there were some people who thought that Gorga’s decision to film the eviction process was justified since the tenant had previously filmed Gorga charging at him.

Gorga further explained the situation in a video he shared on his Instagram account. He said he knew the tenant and helped him by taking him to the apartment. “And he screwed me,” Gorga said.

“Four years later I got him out because of Covid and all that nonsense. I don’t like kicking people out, no. I don’t even interfere with my tenants. I don’t know who owes money, who doesn’t owe money,” he said.

Gorga said he has “a heart of gold” for letting his tenant live in the apartment for four years without paying rent. He went on to say that he wanted this story published because he wants to raise awareness for landlords who can’t really afford to have this happen to them.

The comments on Gorga’s Instagram statement were far more positive than those that appeared in the aforementioned Reddit thread.

“Ok… that was helpful to explain. You didn’t have to, but I’m glad you did. Always cheering for you Joe… you seem like a really good man,” one person wrote.

“Good for you Joe! My father also has tenants and he is exactly the same who couldn’t afford 4 years without rent. The fact that renters have more rights than homeowners is unreal and needs to change,” added another.

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