Monday, November 29, 2021

Joe Biden vs Kamala Harris: Trouble in Paradise as Power Struggles Rocked the White House

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Vice President is reportedly angry at POTUS for giving her “no-win problems” and more vigorously defending Pete Buttigieg amid falling ratings

All is not well between Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden. A new report says that both teams are extremely dissatisfied with collapsing ratings and an increasing number of errors and controversies. While the White House publicly insists that relations between the two are “cordial” and “productive”, internally it seems far from good.

Both Biden and Harris have seen their approval ratings plummet in recent months, accelerated by their controversial public slip. In early November, Harris was ridiculed for adopting a French accent during her visit to the science laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. She was convicted in late August for laughing when asked about the Americans who were still stranded in Afghanistan. She also drew a lot of attention because she apparently pointed out in an interview that she was “overworked” by Biden and asked, “Can a person make all of this realistic?”


Harris is sent out because of “loss problems”

This interview was one of the few times the strained relationship between the two has come to light. Now, thanks to CNN, we have more information about the chaos at the highest levels of government. The organization spoke to multiple insiders to paint a picture of the chaos, dysfunction and resentment that could seriously affect the Democrats’ chances in both the medium term and 2024.

The frustration at Camp Harris seems to stem from the problems she has been assigned to deal with. “They keep sending them out to lose their ability to problems in the wrong situations,” said a former employee. To make matters worse, it looks like the president is sidelining them. Biden’s advisors reportedly became concerned about her historic status as the first female vice president overshadowed the president so that she appeared less by his side in public.

But the TP also plays an extremely reduced role in his private life. “Although she had attended some of the meetings Biden held with key lawmakers, there were many more that she did not attend – to the point that it was noteworthy that she had an unscheduled meeting on the last section,” CNN reported . She has also reportedly told several confidants that she is “limited” in what she can do.

Another source of frustration seems to be the perceived lack of support from the west wing. Despite several public controversies, Biden did not endorse Harris in statements or on social media. In contrast, Jen gave Psaki a very strong reprimand when Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was ridiculed by Tucker Carlson. “It’s hard to overlook the specific energy the White House brings to defending a white man, as Kamala Harris spent almost a year taking many of the blows the West Wing itself didn’t want to take,” said an advisor.

A future in doubt

In addition to the problems, Harris also faces a major personnel problem. Numerous rescuers are reported to be trying to leave as things get worse and replacements are difficult to come by. Harris’ chief of staff, Tina Flournoy, told Biden’s chief of staff, Ron Klain, over the summer that the office was “drowning” and needed help, but it did not come. Klain reportedly told Flournoy to “get creative” with the allocated funding.

Not only the collapse of the TP’s public perception, but her own behavior led to this situation. Allegedly, the TP is freezing her advisors in favor of the advice of her sister Meena Harris, her brother-in-law Tony West, and her niece Meena Harris. These are left-wing helpers who fear that they could do more harm than good, especially painful since the west wing does not rush to help. Allegedly, Biden’s team is frustrated that Harris created their own slip-ups and “unnecessarily” got into controversy.

It is possible that her lack of experience had something to do with the problems, but Harris’ co-workers say Biden’s behavior causes her to fail. That could prove costly to Democrats as not only the 2022 mid-term elections, but also the 2024 presidential election are at stake. Biden will be 84 at this point and it is very unlikely that he will run for re-election (despite his insistence), which would mean Harris is automatically the leading contender for POTUS.

But amid falling numbers and mounting controversy, it is clear that the party is not very optimistic about Harris’ future. This has led others to quietly begin campaigning. “Kamala Harris is a leader, but is not brought into leadership positions. That makes no sense. We have to think long-term and do what is best for the party,” said a Dems donor. To make matters worse, Harris’ aides believe that handing over “no-win” problems like the border crisis only limited their futures further.

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