Sunday, November 27, 2022

Joanna Gaines Reveals She’s Struggling With Her Role In The Magnolia Business: ‘It’s So Intertwined With Who We Are’

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While chatting The stories we tell, her first solo memoir, Joanna Gaines revealed that she senses a shift in her relationship with the Magnolia business. She wrote about it in her new book, sharing that she and Chip Gaines have “given every inch” of themselves to their empire and are now “wrestling with it [her] Roll” while assessing the focus of her energy.

Around the same time they got married, Chip and Joanna started the Magnolia empire with Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas. Waco History reported that Joanna started selling the brand at a boutique stand in a shopping village, but she quickly outgrew it.

The couple bought and remodeled their first standalone retail store in 2003. That was also one of their first fixer upper projects. They eventually ended up on HGTV, which hosted the show fixer above and bought the famous silos to accommodate the boom in tourism that has accompanied their popularity on television.

Among many other accomplishments, Chip and Joanna launched the Magnolia Network in 2022, featuring lifestyle shows curated by the iconic couple.

While she admits the Magnolia business has been like a baby, and that’s on top of the five kids Chip and Joanna have, she’s been evaluating her place. in the The stories we tellShe wrote, “Right now I’m wrestling with my role in our business.”

“Since 2003, Chip and I have given Magnolia every inch of us,” she added, “and because it’s so intrinsically tied to who we are, it’s sometimes difficult to tell where Magnolia ends and where we begin,” she betrayed.

Joanna explained that her connection to the business caused her some concerns, partly because she used to be a perfectionist. “All these years I’ve thought, if Magnolia fails, I fail, and if I fail, it follows,” she revealed.

“In a way, that reality has diminished what I’m willing to share with the world — the parts of me that want to learn what else I could become, or, God forbid, the parts of me that don’t.” are pretty.”

But all this does not mean that she sees an end in sight. She continued telling Hoda Kotb today, “In a lot of ways, I feel like it’s just getting started. She is – I say “she” – 20 years old, but there is still so much life. So I’m excited to see what she – it – will grow into.”

While chatting with Kotb on Today, Joanna went into more detail about preparing for change. “I can feel it coming. I don’t even know what it is, but I feel like my heart is – how instinctively do I know I need to prepare,” she explained.

“…For me, it always starts with that inner gut feeling,” she also noted. “And I felt like I had to prepare with that instinct.”

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